4 Good Reasons To Eat Local

Ever since I moved to South Florida, I have been on the hunt for local food resources- the picture above is me at farmers market in Boulder when we visited last Fall. Back in Tallahassee, I knew all the farmers and where to go for what and who I could trust. It’s been a bit harder than I thought, but slowly but surely I am finding good local resources for food.

Connecting with the local Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader has been a huge help. You can find a local W.A.P. leader in your area by clicking here.

So why would I want to put forth the effort to find local foods and why might you want to do it, too?

1. It’s good for you and tastes better, too. Locally grown food doesn’t travel far, so farmers can choose varieties based on flavor, rather than their ability to withstand a long journey. And, by eating local foods that are in season, you eat food when they are at their peak flavor, are the most abundant, and-typically-are the least expensive.

2. It’s good for the economy. The money you spend on local food stays in the area as it supports the work of local farmers and retailers.

3. It’s good for the environment. The average American dinner travels nearly 1,500 miles before reaching the plate. When you eat local food, you reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide emissions and wasteful packing material.

4. It’s good for family farms. With each local purchase, you ensure more of the money spent goes to a local farmer.

If you are into buying local, in season foods, you would love my cookbook, From Your Freezer To Your Family!

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