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Want To Have a Great Day? Make a Great To-Do List


Mental Tsunamis. That’s what happens in my head. I start to think about one thing which makes me think of another thing. All of a sudden I’m thinking of 5011 things. And doing none of them.

I’ve made lists. And cross referenced lists to lists. And plastered post it notes on every surface of my house. Including, one super not-so-good day, I stuck one on my child. For real. And I still forget to give her money for the book fair.

Disorganization, for me, makes me shrivel up into an overwhelmed, ragged ball of tears and frustration. When I can corral the things I need to do, well, they become things I done did. Those are good things. Because it means I can go play.

ed out all kinds of apps to organize everything that comes from my brain.

Teux Deux┬áis a straightforward list app. Pick the day you want to do something and type it in. Both the online site and the app are a gorgeous, clean design. Don’t we all want to be organized and pretty? It’s great for capturing one task after another.

Teux Deux didn’t have the “big picture” function that I love so much. I need to compartmentalize my things that need doing. I can be obsessive that way. Ya know, where you box up all your housekeeping tasks or garden tasks.

Recently I’ve discovered Wunderlist. If my heart had hands it would have clapped. This is by far one of the best to-do lists I’ve used.

You can have multiple lists. Task within lists. Set due dates. Share your lists in the Cloud. Email your lists to someone else. Print your list.


I have used this for a few months now without getting super frustrated. It has not miraculously removed my urge to make handwritten lists. I still do that. Mostly, because I like the feel of pen and paper.

And if your really like lists and all things organized – check out High Straightenance on the HomeFries podcast. There are all kinds of tips about getting your ducks in a row.

How do you stay organized?

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