My Almost Careers

When I look back I am amazed at all the different careers I almost had.

Being multi-talented and multi-passionate has it’s perks for sure, but growing up and in my twenties, it was hard for me to figure out what exactly I was suppossed to do with my life.

At 18, it became very clear that I was suppossed to be healer and work with women and children. That’s when I started my training to be a massage therapist, energy healer, counselor and yoga instructor. Two years later, I started my training to be a certified doula and also became certified in pregnancy massage an infant massage. Two years after that I trained in mentoring women as they prepare for childbirth and became a certified itsy bitsy yoga teacher. Later after my daughter was born, I have done trainings about death and dying rites (basically a death doula instead of a birth doula), mayan massage and nutrition. Now I am working on my PhD and more mayan massage and energy healing training.

But through all that time, I have veered off course, got distracted, got lazy, got fearful, didn’t have enough encouragement or support and even got excited about something that was awesome but just not my life’s path.

So just for your entertainment, here’s a list of all my almost careers.

-veterinarian. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the fact that cows had several stomachs and horses gave birth out in the middle of a field. I grew up on an avocado farm in Homestead and down the street from us living a woman who was a farm vet. She just traveled around to the different farms in the area taking care of the animals.

-psychologist. my first class at FSU was Psychology 101. I aced that class. I loved every single minute of it. Every lecture. Every reading. Every research hour we had to participate in for some PhD students study. I actually would still love to get a PhD in psychology in one day. And if I could go back and do over my college years, I would have gotten a nursing degree for my undergrad, a masters in business and a PhD in Psychology.

-a lobbyist. The degree I ended up with was Environmental Studies. Mostly because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and learning how to saving the earth seemed like the most reasonable thing to do with my time at college. One of my best friend’s Dad was a poweful Lobbist in my college town and I asked for an intership. I remember the day he said that we would love to have me intern, but he said, you realize what kind of lobbyist I am right? And I said yes, I know. I want to see your world and see how it works and then maybe I will know how to effectively work against your kind of lobbyist one day.

-a lawyer. this one is kind of embarrassing. But after I saw Legally Blond, I really wanted to be a laywer. An environmental laywer. I figured if Elle Woods could get into Harvard Law School, I could get into FSU’s law school. I started studying for the LSAT and everything, which I actually enjoyed. In elementary school I was in the gifted program and my favorite lessons were always logic and reading comprehension. But not sure what happened, but I just gave up I think.

-a midwife. As I neared graduation of FSU, I was planning on becoming a home birth midwife. There was a school in Miami, and since Peter was from Miami, the plan was to move back to South Florida. He would find a job as an engineer and I would go to school. This plan got put to the back burner when I got an job at environmental consulting firm the last semester of college and it seemed like a promising career. Peter also got a job his last semester of college.

-environmental consultant. re: above promising career. I am not sure why the hell I even applied at this firm. I think I figured, my father just spent a lot of money for me to get an environmental science degree, I probably should freaking do something with it. So I got hired as intern and a few weeks before graduation I got offered a job. Both Peter and I worked full time and went to school full time our last semester of college. We were very excited to start our careers and set out in the adult world of mortgages and real life. We bought a house about a month after we graduated college, with nothing but our offer letters from our new post-graduation jobs. But after a few months of full time work as a consultant. I couldn’t hack it. I couldn’t hack the outside field work, where I was doing manual labor, mostly taking soil and water samples to test for chemicals, I would get massive migraines at the end of the day from smelling chemicals all day. And the office work was awful too. I couldn’t stand the politics and the male dominated hiearchy. I was one of three females in the office, engineering is still 80% a male industry. So it was like a frat house, and I did not like being eye candy. I hopped around to couple other firms that year, wondering if things would be different but they never were. About half way through this time, I decided I just wanted to be a massage therapist full time. But Peter was having none of that. He did not sign up for a mortgage with me, for me to be some flaky massage therapist. He wanted a career, ladder climbing woman by his side. Poor Peter. 🙂

-an interior designer. During my year of flailing around after college, I applied for FSU Design school to get my masters and actually got in. But then for who knows why, I never actually went. But when arguing with Peter about where a piece of furniture should go or what color to paint the bathroom, I always remind him that I got accepted into the design school program, so he just listen to me, because I am clearly more qualified.

– a pilot. my father is a pilot and his father was a pilot. For a minute I thought I would become one too. I loved to travel and I liked the power of his job. He was in charge. No one else tells him what to do. Of course there is corporate and the tower that he has to listen to. But when it comes down to it, in an emergency or just that a decision needs to be made, the Captain makes it. Not the co-pilot, not the head flight attendtant, not the airport mechanic. Whether a 100 people make it safely from point a to point b all rests on his shoulders. I took a few flying lessons my senior year of highschool and it was amazing. I didn’t end up a commerical pilot like my Dad, but one day I do hope to have my liscense and can take him for a little spin.

Jobs I have had:
-adminstrative assistant
-art gallery manager
-yoga studio owner
-massage therapist
-childbirth educator
-energy healer
-yoga instructor
-sales assitant at Ann Taylor
-enivornmental scientist
-environmental project manager
-public relations accountant assistant at travel writers PR firm
-project manager/event planner/marketing assistant for The United Way
-social media consultant
-TV personality

What random jobs have you had?

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