Apothecary Kids

One of my dearest blogging friends, Donielle from Natural Fertility and Awareness and author of Naturally Knocked Up, has started a new business called Apothecary Kids.

She and her husband are making herbal salve products that are super awesome. They are safe for kids of any age, and great for adults, too. I have used a similar salve since my daughter was a tiny baby, but I could only get it by driving two hours to a local farm that made them. I am SO grateful to have a trusted online source for high quality herbal salves now! Salves are a must have in a natural remedy kit for a natural minded family.

It’s great for irritated skin caused by rashes, scrapes, bug bites, and stings. It is very soothing to the skin. 

If your husband has a beard, check out their products for bearded men! Oh, how I miss my husband’s beard! When he got his new job last year, he had to start wearing a tie and shaving every day for work. Boo!

And I love her tinted lip balm, too! Perfect for my recently make-up obsessed, almost 6 year old daughter.

Donielle is an amazing woman and mother and I wholeheartedly trust her products and would love for you to try them!

You can also use the code FREESTICK at checkout to get a free salve stick with any purchase!

And you can also download her free Natural Remedies Checklist here!

Natural Remedies Checklist

*this post does contain affiliate links and I will make a commission on any sales made through this link. Thank you for supporting Mama and Baby Love, my family and Donielle’s family!

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