Are YOU Mom Enough?

So yesterday I caused quite the $*%! storm yesterday when I posted this picture on the Mama and Baby Love Facebook page.

I guess I just feel the need to respond because I was so shocked by some people’s responses.

I learned that people can comment on my page, even if they are not a fan of Mama and Baby Love. I am certain the majority of the people who said something negative were not followers of my blog. I learned a big lesson about how I have much more control over here on my blog.

Anyway, so for some future ground rules for anything I post on Facebook:

If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself.

And for why I posted the picture in the first place:

  • It took Penelope five months to be able to nurse. I am very, very proud of that. I worked my butt off to be able to experience this type of bonding and I am very excited, happy and grateful for it. And I wanted to share. Because I am a blogger and that’s what I do.
  • I wanted to show another picture of a woman breastfeeding a toddler. The one of the cover was picked to sell magazines and shock people. It was not a sweet, nurturing picture showing the love between a mother and child when they nurse. I simply wanted to offer an alternative image, so people could get a better idea what extended breastfeeding really looks like.
  • I was not trying to continue the fire in the mommy wars and show this picture to show that I am better mother. If you really read my blog, you know me. And you know I love you all, despite what your choices are. From my heart I know that you all are making the best decisions for what is best your family even if you do something different.

To answer some of the honest and genuine questions about why anyone would want to nurse a toddler:

  • It is one way to bond and relax with your child. One way. It’s easy and effortless, but it does not make it a better tool than say getting down on the floor and giving
  • It’s relaxing and she enjoys it
  • It’s super healthy!

Ever posted something that caused an issue like that?

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