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Art of Motherhood School

Discover how to heal yourself and create the life you always meant to – starting now.

As an educated, purposeful and capable woman, you have a sense of your tremendous potential to be the kind of mother you want to be.

Outwardly, your life may look great, and there have been many happy moments in your family life…

But inside, you’re feeling uneasy, unfilled, maybe even depressed and lonely, perhaps you are taking it out on your family, relationships with your spouse and children are hard for you and you can’t quite figure out why.

And there’s a feeling of being mindful and conscious, feeling vitally alive, and fully engaged with your spouse and children in ways that are deeply nourishing and satisfying for all of you, that still eludes you. You are tired of trying to figure this out on your own.

Motherhood and family life is bringing up all your baggage and you feel in over your head.

But there’s a way to turn all that around and feel great about your life again…

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If you decide to use family life as the fertile ground for personal growth and willingly sign yourself up to do the work.

 “I appreciated your program so much. You have taught me so many great tools to deal with everyday life and situations. I’ve been able to handle stress and being overwhelmed so much better since learning all the self-care and self-healing techniques you teach! I’m also more aware of myself – my own needs, issues and desires. And best of all I feel closer to my son and more present in my everyday life which is what I most desired from this program! Thank you for all the help and direction and healing!” -Michelle 

“Stephanie was a true lifesaver for me. I have recently been feeling extremely overwhelmed and found her at just the right time. Stress in my marriage, financial stress, multiple miscarriages and the regular stress of mothering 2 little boys has caused me to feel at times like I was drowning and I did not know how to pull myself out. Stephanie was my life jacket and I am so grateful that she poured her heart into her work because it was life changing for me.” -Amanda 

“I find myself getting sucked into the stress of life and trying to do everything perfectly and I usually just end up making myself miserable and then letting that transfer to the people I love the most. Stephanie gave me the tools to slow down and figure out what’s going on and to how to get yourself back to your loving self. As a mom I usually always put myself last on the caring list and the lessons and tools you get from her really make you realize how you need to put yourself first so you can be the awesome mom, wife, friend, sister that everyone else needs.” -Stacey 

When you join us In the Art of Motherhood School you will discover how to:

-Improve your intimacy and relationship with your children

-Relate and connect more to your family and women friends

-Unlock your creative expression

-Tap into support from a community of like-minded mothers

-Break the inner blocks that are holding you back from living your ideal life

-Connect instantly to your intuition and navigate motherhood more easily

-Bring more peace into your life in the areas that you struggle or are not happy with and trying to change

-Create a months worth of meals in a couple of hours and turn your kitchen into a efficient machine, churning out truly healthy meals so you can get out of the kitchen and spend more time on your self-care and self-healing

-Effectively meditate, pray and grow in your spirituality

-Find out – once and for all – who you truly are and why you are here

If you are interested in continuing your personal growth and healing journey through the catalyst of motherhood, even though it is so hard and some days you just want to give up, but in order for you to go on, you are looking for a life jacket and a road map so that you experience the changes you want, then read on.

I have a few questions for you:

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff that is being triggered daily by parenting your child?

Are you paralyzed with fear about doing this parenting thing “wrong” and messing up your kids (like your parents messed up with you)?

Did you have a horrible childhood and now you have no mentors, role models or supporting community showing you the way to parent well?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Burnt out? Stressed out? SO frustrated with your child and spouse that you jokingly want to strangle them?

Do you feel like you are on the brink with one foot over the edge and you are not sure how to get balanced again?

  • What if life could be different?
  • What if things could be easier for you?

Just imagine a life where you have all the tools you need to navigate everything life throws at you.

Imagine knowing exactly what to do when life starts to spiral and you feel overwhelmed and unbalanced.

Imagine preventing catastrophic levels of stress from ever happening again.

Imagine having a tool box full of tools at your disposal and being able to go through your tool box at anytime you need to be able to pull yourself out of whatever mess you got yourself into.

An easier and more peaceful life is only a few, super simple changes away.
The only requirement is that you work through the material so changes will take place. You have to consciously decide to work on your junk, learn the tools and spend a few minutes a day on intentional self-care and self-healing every day.

The Art of Motherhood School is an online, lifetime, free access pass, to ALL of the ebooks, ecookbooks, ecourses, classes and workshops that I have created over the years. When I write new books or create new classes you will forever be grandfathered in to the content and community.

What I teach are easy to learn, self-care and self-healing techniques that help you process through your junk when it comes up, so that you are still able to function as a mother and are way less likely to hurt your family in the process of you processing.

I teach you the process of processing, so that you know the cycles, you know how to handle it when your stuff comes up. So that you go from being triggered and acting out and hurting yourself and others to being fully conscious and aware of when you get triggered, what do about it, and how to come out the other side transformed.

In The Art of Motherhood School will teach you what you need to do to have peace in all areas of your life. It will teach you how to be able to give and receive more love. I cannot guarantee to change your circumstances but I can guarantee how to change yourself.


All the lessons are applicable and insightful no matter where you are on your motherhood journey, no matter how old your children all. Because our babies, even when grown adults, will always be our babies, we will always be mothers.

Often women need information and skills to parent well and be healthy, but even though they have the information they don’t know how to make change and really transform. And that is because the personal growth and healing that is required to change is missing.

So this course has both the meat and potatoes information about how to be a loving and healthy parent, but also how to actually start a personal growth and healing journey or take it to a deeper level.

Motherhood brings up all our junk from childhood, whether they are big Traumas or little traumas. And Mamas are often just left out in the cold to try and figure out how to process and deal with everything that the motherhood journey triggers. This program gives mamas the life vest they are looking for when they feel like they are sinking.

The Art of Motherhood School will teach you how to KNOW the information AND how to LIVE it.

Motherhood is the hub and center of the wheel, but I also teach about food/cooking, finances, relationship and health and how they all play a role in being the mother you want to be.

For example, my ecookbooks (exclusively available to AOMS students) will teach you how to make a month’s worth of dinners in a few hours-leaving you countless free hours to spend on your self-care and self-healing. Learning how to run your kitchen and your home efficiently literally opens up the time and space to work on your junk and take care of yourself.

And not only do I teach you how to make a month’s worth of meals in a few hours, they are healthy meals. No cans of mushroom soup in my slow cooker freezer recipes. They are all grain-free and dairy-free and nutrient dense.

So not only do you have the time to work through your emotions – you have the brain capacity to see and function clearly.

If you are still eating a ton Doritos and Oreos as your main source of calories, your hormones are going to be out of whack. I will teach you how to stabilize your emotions and mental state through food and lifestyle, so that when true emotions come up through triggers, you experience much less of an emotional swing.

Through the teachings of Art of Motherhood School and you actually doing the work, you will become a much more emotionally stabilized mother.

Disclaimer (I am not a psychiatrist, and if you have a diagnosed mental illness, this program is not meant to replace psychotherapy and drugs.)

Art of Motherhood School will help you finally discover who you are, why you are here, what you need to thrive, and how to let go of what is holding you back.

Translation? You know how sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on why you aren’t as happy as you could be? Why you are “stuck” around the same issues and can’t move on? Yep, that stuff. It’s time to clear it up so you can be a happy, thriving mama and show your kiddos how to live their best life.

“I feel like a better version of myself! Thank you Stephanie for a wonderful experience. I have followed your blog for a while and love how honest you are. The things I learned from you in this program were no different. You really put so much into everything you do and I feel like I have so many tools to deal with past “junk”, as you say, and everyday life. I hope to continue to grow throughout the year on my healing journey. You are amazing!! -Jennifer

“Stephanie amazes me!! I love her heart, her priorities, and all the hard work she does in bettering not only herself but the world. I am so appreciative for the love she shares and helping us to do the same.” -Alice

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Who am I and why should you learn from me?
tighter shot of headshot

My name is Stephanie and I am Founder and Creative Director of Mama and Baby Love. And I have been through some shit. I have been through the fire, time and time again and come out the other side, stronger, happier, more at peace and with a greater capacity to love and be loved.

My childhood was rough. I have experienced abuse and neglect at the hands of a mentally ill mother and experienced sexual trauma as a child and teenager. Early adulthood was not a ball of laughs either, serious financial and relationship struggles and motherhood has kicked my butt up and down.

I have experienced miscarriages, extreme breastfeeding difficulties and post partum depression and now the daily, daunting task of parenting a special needs child.

My passion in life is helping moms heal from their past which allows them to become the mother they want to be. I firmly believe I was put here on earth to help mothers and that God molded me through my life experiences so I could better be of Service. All the struggle that I experienced. All of the heartbreaks. All of the “failures.”

Perfectly lead me here… to the work I was born to do. Teaching women solid, foundational and effective tools, strategies and processes that create REAL RESULTS.

At 17, I consciously started my personal growth and healing journey. I made the decision then and there that I was going to heal myself so I could be the mother I never had. So I would never do what was done to me. So I could break the patterns of abuse that have been in my family for generations. I’ve been hard at work for almost 20 years.

When I made the decision to embark on a personal growth and healing journey at 17 everything changed. This is a decision you too will need to make before you can heal.

Let me be clear, I am still processing too. I am still deeply flawed and wounded and still get triggered and I still have stuff coming up. I am not perfect; I am not Jesus, or Buddha or the Dali Lama. I will continue to heal, grow and evolve till the day I leave this earthly life. And so will you. I am simply many years ahead of you, and now I am stopping, turning around, extending out my hand, and holding up my flashlight so you can see the way. There are women ahead of me, that hold my hand show me the light and show me the way, and there are communities of women that I am apart of that support me as I continue on my journey; as I continue to get my hands dirty and do the work.

Along my path of learning self-care and self-healing techniques for myself, I have also been training and learning healing arts as a profession since I was 18. I was a licensed massage therapist for 15 years, specializing in pregnancy, post partum and healing digestive and female reproductive issues. I was a childbirth educator and birth and post partum doula for 8 years. I have taken many training courses over the years and apprenticed with healers, herbalists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and doctors to learn as much as can about how the body and mind work to help heal others.

I have spent the last almost two decades studying extensively (learning the DOING) and experiencing (moving into BEING) and the Art of Motherhood School is the culmination of my life’s work.

I’ve spent more than a decade helping women prepare for birth and heal emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. In the Art of Motherhood School, I will teach you everything I know. I promise you, you can not figure this out alone.

I am inviting you now, to join The Art of Motherhood School tribe. I am extending my hand out to you, right now.

What will you get in Art of Motherhood School? Quite a lot! Here are all the details…

AOMS is the culmination of everything I have created to help moms. It includes ALL of my eCookbooks, eBooks, eCourses, online classes and workshops.

AOMS full access pass graphic

3 full-color, eCookbooks (Retail Value=$50):

  • From Your Freezer To Your Family
  • From Your Garden To Your Family
  • Gluten-Free/Grain-Free Baking

2 no-nonsense and very helpful eBooks (Retail Value= $30):

  • From Maiden To Mother
  • Healing For Mothers

3 incredibly informative eCourses (Retail Value= $250):

  • Healing For Mothers
  • From Maiden To Mother

My popular Online Workshop (Retail Value= $150):

  • How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

My “Virtual Summer Camp” Online Programs (Retail Value= $350):

  • Healing Summer Camp for Mamas

Additional Bonuses (Retail Value – Over $800!):

Access to the private community forum on Facebook, with frequent live video chats and classes, enjoy gathering with other like-minded mothers for support and friendship.

You’ll receive a total retail value of $1,630 for only $50 when you join the Art of Motherhood School today! 50 bucks! Helping mothers be the healthiest and happiest they can be is so important to me, I have made AOMS extremely affordable.

If you are ready for transformation in your life, I invite you to the Art of Motherhood School right now.

Click here to Buy Now (and enjoy over 80% savings on what’s inside!).

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Interested in the details of what’s inside each piece of this program? Keep reading to find out…

All the details for each and every ebook, ecookbook, ecourse and program in the Art of Motherhood School are below – take a look at everything you’ll be getting when you join the program today!

What’s inside From Your Freezer To Your Family Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes eCookbook:

This cookbook has over 75 recipes! Including the best of the best from my very first slow cooker freezer recipes cookbooks.

All recipes have been created, tested and re-tested by me, M+BL staff, and an ARMY of moms! These recipes are the cream of the crop, only the best of the best. This book blows my first book out of the water.

You’re not only getting more than 75 recipes, I also include information on other cooking techniques for these recipes if you have time and want to branch out from the slow cooker. Each recipe includes information on the original slow cooker freezer method, as well as instructions on browning first then slow cooker, or cooking it on the stovetop or in the oven with a Dutch oven.

ALL the recipes are 100% Grain-free, Gluten-free and Dairy-Free. They do not contain corn or legumes (both are not technically grains but extremely hard to digest and common allergens).

My recipes are all Paleo, Whole 30, Weston A. Price, GAPS, and Real Food compatible meals. Some of these recipes do use natural sweeteners in some of the recipes (like maple syrup or honey), but if you are eating completely sugar-free, omit the sugar and the recipe will still taste great.

This way of cooking has changed my life and enabled me to take care of myself and my family. I am so excited to share with you what was worked so well for me!

What’s inside From Your Garden To Your Family?

The Mama and Baby Love Guide to Beginning Gardening with 50 Fresh, Grain-free Recipes. It is my most beautifully laid out cookbook with lots of pictures.

Within this cookbook you’ll learn:

-How to build a backyard garden

-How to build an herb garden

-How to garden by the moon

-What to plant in each season

-What to harvest in each season

-Nutritional information for each in season vegetable or fruit, with tips on how to store, cook and season for optimal taste.

Plus, learn how to grow specific fruits and vegetables, and have recipes to go with each one, such as:

-Winter:  Leeks, Beets, Citrus, Rhubarb, Greens, and Brussels Sprouts

-Spring: Radish, Peas, Carrots, Strawberries, Chard, Mushrooms and Mangoes

-Summer: Zucchini/Squash, Blueberries, Tomatoes, Watermelon, Figs, Peaches, and Eggplant

-Fall: Okra, Bell Peppers, Grapes, Apples, Pomegranates, Pumpkins, and Cranberries

What’s inside Gluten-Free/Grain-Free Baking eCookbook:

-20 easy recipes, full of tips and tricks for beginners

-Recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, pizza crusts and more

If you can’t cook and you can’t bake – this book is for you. I taught myself how to cook, and then I taught myself how to bake. You can too.

What’s inside the From Maiden To Mother and Healing For Mothers eCourses:

This is everything that is in From Maiden to Mother/Healing For Mothers eCourse:

These eCourses are for women who are getting ready for conception, who are actively trying to conceive, who are pregnant or who have a baby under one year of age. AND for women who are done having babies, have older children and are really diving deep into their personal growth and healing journey. The Healing For Mothers section has no conception, pregnancy and post partum lessons.

It includes ALL exclusive content that is NOT on my regular website. I basically poured everything I used to teach/facilitate in a face-to-face format when I owned my yoga studio (childbirth classes, yoga classes, infant care classes, infant massage, art therapy workshops, manifestation workshops, meditation classes, self-care retreats etc.) into a digital format. Lots of video and audio files of me teaching.

I also organized ALL fertility, pregnancy and baby M+BL archived articles into the bottom area each lesson, so all the supplemental, pertinent info that I have already written about is available in a handy way.

There are also a TON of interview audio files to listen to, with interviews from amazing people like Ina May Gadskin, Sean Croxton and more.

Lesson Categories:

Spiritual Health

-Healing From Birth

-Healing Trauma

-Energy Healing

-Holotropic Breathwork

Physical Health


-Chiropractic Care


-Self Massage



-Radical Self Care

Mental Health

-Emotional Triggers

-Breath Awareness

-Non-Focused Awareness


-Unlock Your Greatness

Emotional Health


-Art Therapy & Journaling

-Trauma Release Exercises

-Reich Exercises

-Intro to Emotional Freedom Technique

-Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

-Emotional Eating and Highly Sensitive People

Financial Health

-Attracting Abundance

-Balancing work/business with motherhood

Real Food

-What is Real Food?

-How to loose weight and eat healthy

-How to assemble slow cooker freezer recipes


-Real Food for Fertility

-Taking Care of Your Uterus

-How to attract your baby to you

-preconception meditation


-Why Pregnancy is such a big deal

-Story of Innana’s Decent and Resurrection (to teach the descent of labor, birth and post partum and to help you process the fact that you will never be the same again)

-Getting Honest Information from care providors.

-Birth Tiger Art Therapy and Journaling (how to release your birth fears)

-Acupressure to induce or encourage labor

-Cat/Cow Yoga Series

-Labor Positions

-Prenatal Massage How To (for your partner)

-Prenatal Sun Salutation Yoga Series

-Yoga Squat Series

-Interviews from expert midwives and doulas


-How to increase Milk Supply

-Mothering The Mother

-Make Your Boobs A Happy Place

-Baby Massage


-Baby Yoga for Digestion/Gas

-Baby Calming Techniques/5-S’s

-Surviving Early Postpartum

-Benefits and how to for Placenta Encapsulation

-Real Food and Balancing It All

-Early Childhood/Parenthood development

-Positive Discipline

-Release post partum anger, frustration and exhaustion mediation

-Post partum women’s health

-How to find out your child’s personality

-How to parent according to your child’s personality

-Post partum self care

Experts Interviewed:

Donielle Baker, Founder of Natural Fertility and Wellness and Author

Sean Croxton, Founder of Underground Wellness and Author

Tricia Callahan, Founder of Once a Month Meals

Sarah Finks, Life Management Expert for Women

Mathilde Freeman, Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner and Astrologist

Ina May Gaskin, Founder and Director of The Farm Midwifery Center and Author

Leslie Hanks, Founder of Yoga Unlimited

Teresa Jimenez, Doula, Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Chef and Singer

Amanda Johnson, Founder of Full Circle, Placenta Encapsulation & Certification

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Josephs, Founder of Center for Healing

Rachel Kelley, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Mary Beth McBride, Founder of Open Fields Healing

Lindsey Morrow, Founder of Mother Rising Birth Services

Jaima Schutt, Founder of Ring Around the Rosies

Laura Kaplan Shanley, Author, Speaker and Childbirth Consultant

Katie, Founder of Wellness Mama

Anne Tegtmeier, Founder of Dou-la-la and IBCLC

Jill Welch, Founder of Blessed Be Midwifery and The Kitchen Goddess

Kathryn Stephens, emotional eating coach and sensitivity & addiction specialist.

Abby Bordner, Founder of Relationship Based Parenting

Jean Haner, Author of The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face: Discover Your Child’s True Nature with Chinese Face Reading

Greg Seaman, Founder of

Kelly Bartlett, a freelance writer with a focus on children, family relationships, and discipline.

Rebecca Egbert, Women’s Health Expert

Rebecca Means, Wildlife Biologist and Founder of Remote Footprints

Megan Reamer, Founder of Honest Chips

The eCourses includes:

41 Audio/Video Lessons from me.

26 Audio Interviews with Experts.

What’s inside the How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed Online Class:

In this class, I explain:

  • What’s going on in our physical bodies that make us overwhelmed and why you are not going crazy.
  • Simple techniques and exercises to clear your patterns of feeling overwhelmed and anxiety.
  • How to clear things from your past that have kept you from feeling balanced.
  • And lastly, I show you how to maintain balance with positive affirmations and guided mediation.

This online class will give you tools to help you override unconscious patterns so you can stop feeling so overwhelmed all the time. This online class is for moms who feel overwhelmed on a daily basis and don’t know how to stop the cycle and want to know what is normal and what is not. It’s also for moms experiencing major life transitions; a big move, divorce, birth of a child, a new job, a death in the family, or any sort of trauma.

If you are ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and my class will show you how to take back your life in a way that is both easy and enjoyable, and to maintain balance and reduce anxiety for the rest of your life

Once you complete this class, you will have the tools to handle stressful situations that life throws at you.

What’s inside Healing Summer Camp for Mamas:

This is an awesome summer program full of art, meditation and journaling.

Healing Summer Camp for Mamas is a 6-week experience of personal growth and creative healing techniques that work (and are enjoyable!) where you will finally discover who you are, what you need to thrive, and how to let go of what is holding you back.

Translation? You know how sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on why you aren’t as happy as you could be? Why you are “stuck” around the same issues and can’t move on? Yep, that stuff. It’s time to clear it up so you can be a happy, thriving mama and show your kiddos how to live their best life.

12 super awesome assignments and lessons, 2 per week for 6 weeks, that builds upon each previous week.

6 meditations to listen to after you do the work to help you clear out everything that came up.

This is what you will learn:

-Personal growth work is cyclical, so after this summer experience you will understand your cycles, what to do when stuff comes up, how to process it, and then how to clear and resolve it.

-You will be learning how to function as a wife and mother, even as you go through your “stuff.”

-You will learn how to work through your stuff without hurting yourself, your partner, and most importantly your kids in the process.

Your life’s purpose, why you are here and why bad stuff happens to good people.

-How to be creative and use art in a daily and mindful way to help you heal.

-How to tap into your creative side, learn lots of very simple art projects that help you de-stress and learn more about yourself and your patterns of behavior that block you from living your ideal life.

Here’s what will happen next when you join us for the Art of Motherhood School today:

First you’ll click on the Buy Now button and it will take you to the Paypal checkout page. (Both Paypal accounts or credit cards are accepted!)

Then once payment has been completed you will automatically get an email from Ejunkie with a download link inside the email. Click on the link and download the PDF. It has all the information about how to download the content. If you don’t see it right away, payment may have not gone through in Paypal or it just went to your spam folder.

Once you have decided to join Art of Motherhood School, you will have lifetime access to all the books, lessons and classes. You are grandfathered in to any new books, classes and workshops added. So when my new book comes out, you don’t need to buy it because you will already own it.

You can go through the material at your own pace, pick and choose what you want to do first. However, the Healing Summer Camp program is a 6-week program that builds each week with a culminating project. You may take longer than 6 weeks to complete that program, but that is the only one you need to do in order.

All content can be downloaded and saved to your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Now is the Best Time to Buy (and save over 80%!)

I want you to pray, meditate and really think about if this program is for you. Take a moment right now to ground yourself, pray for guidance and ask God if this is what you have been looking for.

If it is what you are looking for, remember, you have lifetime access to the Art of Motherhood School once you join us at this special rate,. You will always be the first to access any new books and classes I create at no additional charge. You will have gotten in and locked into the price today, before it goes up in the future, when new content and features are added.

Special note: There are no returns and no payment plans. I only want women in the group that know with 100% clarity that this is for them and that are ready to dive deep and do the work and able to support other mothers on the same journey.

When I made the decision that enough was enough, that I was done with constantly feeling overwhelmed, everything changed. This is a decision you too will need to make before you can heal.

  • Are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed?
  • Are you ready to end negative patterns forever?
  • Are you ready to get rid of whatever is unconsciously holding you back from making the changes YOU want in your life?

How to tell, right now, if this is the right experience for you.

Who it IS for:

:: mamas who are craving community, support, and guidance
:: women who are positive, open minded, and welcomes support
:: mothers who resonate with traditional spiritual beliefs (believes in God or at minimum a higher Universal Power, or is open to learning more and will not be turned off when I pray to God before a meditation, BUT is also open to mind-body connection and New Age-y healing arts.
:: women who desire a mentor and wants more support than just an e-course full of information
:: mothers who are ready to make change in her life and has stuff to work on and is committed to doing the work needed
:: mothers who are into art, creativity, yoga, meditation, and personal growth

Who it’s NOT for:

:: women who are not feeling the desire to be part of a community right now and just want to do their own thing
:: naysayers, complainers, debbie downers, the forever victim
:: mamas who can’t stand to be around people who curse. I honestly may not even curse on the calls or emails, but a shit, damn and maybe even an ass are likely at some point during our journey together. Cursing is deeply embedded in my personality and if you know you are the kind of person who can’t stand people who like to cuss (even at appropriate times, I do not ever take the Lord’s name in vain, cuss in front of children or cuss AT someone), you probably do not want me as a mentor.

I really hope you will join during this deeply discounted offer. It’s going to be an awesome ride.

But before you make a decision, really be sure it’s a true-north yes for you. And to do that, it requires you taking a long enough pause to tap into your inner compass and intuition. Take some deep breaths. Pray about it.

There is no panic or coercion or scarcity here… I truly only want you to do this if you are REALLY called to do it! And if you are not ready right, totally ok. I’ll be here for you when you are ready. Enrollment is open year round. Just come back when you are ready to do the work.

So, I invite you with a heart full of love to The Art of Motherhood School. Click here to join. 

If you are feeling guilty about spending money on yourself, I get it. We mamas put everyone else first. But take a minute and think… how much do you spend for your little one’s to take classes and grow? How much does soccer cost? Ballet? Piano?

It’s time to spend some money on you and your growth. Your development is just as important as your kids and it’s time we stopped putting ourselves last. No guilt, just valuing yourself and caring for yourself as you do your own children.

Get More Peace in Your Life and Greater Ability to Give and Receive Love

If your life is a total mess, and you are at the end of your rope and done with trying to figure out this motherhood and personal growth thing on your own, invest in yourself and buy access to Art of Motherhood School so you can have more peace in your life (in all areas!!) and then you will be able to give and receive more love.

Here’s everything you’ll receive (at over 80% off!) when you join us for the Art of Motherhood School today:

-three ecookbooks, to help you eat healthy and save time in the kitchen,

-two ebooks on motherhood and healing,

-two eCourses PACKED to the rim with lessons from me and interviews from world-renowned experts like Ina May Gaskin author of Spiritual Midwifery and Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness.

-How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed Online Class

-Healing Summer Camp for Mamas

-Access to the private forum

-Event ticket to the live Healing Summer Camp retreat next summer in Costa Rica

-Immediate access to my new book when it arrives Summer 2016

When you join the Art of Motherhood School you will discover:

-More intimacy and tighter bond with your child

-Relate and connect more to your family and women friends

-Unlock your creative expression

-The power of being supported by a community of like-minded mothers

-How to find the inner blocks that are holding you back from living your ideal life

-How to connect instantly to your intuition and be able to navigate motherhood more easily

-How to bring more peace into your life in the areas that you struggle or are not happy with and trying to change

-How to create a months worth of meals in a couple of hours and turn your kitchen into a efficient machine, churning out truly healthy meals so you can get out of the kitchen and spend more time on your self-care and self-healing

-Learn how to meditate, pray and grow in your spirituality

-Who you truly are and why you are here

I can’t wait to meet all of you and get down to some life changing work. Because children learn through imitation more than any other form of instruction, the greatest gift we can give our children is to work on ourselves. 

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I so look forward to connecting with you and hope you will join us today.
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