Pregnancy & Birth

Some Babies Just Want to Be Carried

Stories of pregnancy loss and infant death have long been stories that I have resonated with, I connect with the stories on a personal levle because of my experience in this life time, but also I connect with them on a global, crossing all time barriers, engertic level. I believe there is a collective consciousness of mothers, and that when one mother experiences something, we all experience it on some level.

I loved this story of baby Sophie and why her parents decided to carry her in her mother’s womb even though they knew she would die shortly after birth. I personally know another woman who did this as well. I full believe that the babies who die in the womb or shortly after picked the perfect mothers for them, just to be loved and carried for a short time. For whatever reason, both mother and child signed up for that experience to learn and grow. And I think that some of those lessons are at the most simple and basic, to simple give and recieve love. Some babies just want to be carried and some mothers just want to carry them.

My friend Dwija, that I mentioned in another link love post that needed prayers, ended up loosing her sweet Nicholas. Please continue to pray for her healing.

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