Baby-Toddler Girl Sewing Tutorials

This is a super beginner round up of things to sew for baby and toddler girls, perfect for the moms who are looking for a creative outlet and want to make something simple for their daughter. 

In an effort to make my site easier to use and easier to find old posts, I rounded up all of my baby/toddler girl sewing posts from when I very first started this blog! The writing and pictures make me cringe, but they are cute picture of Penelope and are still useful tutorials. Everything on this list can be sewed (with only minimal, basic sewing skills) in less than 30 minutes.


The $4, 5 Minute, Napkin Dress

Snappy Toddler Top/Dress

$2 Dishtowel Christmas Pillowcase Dress

Toddler Skirt (Or Mama Skirt!)

Applique 101

Toddler Jumpsuit

DIY Baby Legs Part 1

 Fat Quarter Dress

Minnie Mouse Dress

Easy Skirt

10 Minute Onesie Dress

Baby-Toddler Girl SUPER EASY Sewing Tutorials

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