Beat the Thanksgiving Bloat with Fennel Seeds!

You know how when you eat something that is hard to digest, or maybe something you are allergic to, and then you look in the mirror and you look 5 months pregnant? Or you spend the rest of the evening curled up on the couch in pain?

You need fennel seeds.

It happens to all of us.

99% of the time, you do your best to eat real food and to feed your family nourishing foods that will help them grow and thrive. But then, you get invited to a birthday party, or your family throws a baby shower for your cousin, or a holiday rolls around again (how is there a holiday every month?!), and you find yourself faced with a buffet of poor food choices.

In these scenarios, we have two options.

We could stick to our typical eating habits and refuse the processed dishes presented. We can even bring a dish of our own that is made with real food. That way, you’re contributing to and participating in the fun of the meal, but you’re also allowing yourself to eat something that you know your body will react to well.

Or, you can allow yourself to partake in the food festivities and eat some foods that you might not usually consumer. That’s ok, too. We’re only human.

If you choose Option B …

Now, my advice for going the “all-in” route is to know what you’re getting yourself into before you begin eating. Know that your body might not like this foreign food substance that it’s not used to processing. You might even eat a little too much food. This can cause your body to react negatively, leaving you with bloat and gas, and the consequential stomach ache.

If and when this happens, I’ve got your back.

Fennel When Your Full

When I go to such gatherings and I plan on indulging a bit, I bring a side kick with me. After all, I’m not going to refuse grandma’s famous pies on Thanksgiving day (and who would dare refuse her anyway?). After I eat a big meal (and Thanksgiving is always the holiday that gets me), I consume a few fennel seeds to help reduce the bloating and gas I may experience as a result of eating out-of-the-ordinary foods.

This remedy is so easy and unnoticeable! Give it a try this year. Just chew on a few fennel seeds after you stuff your face this Thanksgiving and you will feel much better.

Check out my 1 minute video to learn more about this tip!

Happy Thanksgiving! If you try this trick with fennel seeds, let me know how it goes in the comments!

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