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Pick My Brain Service: Questions & Personalized Advice

Thanks for being a Mama and Baby Love reader and valuing my opinion. My greatest joy and purpose in life is to be of service to mothers like you. I want to see you be a happy, healthy, successful mama!

However, unfortunately due to the high traffic of my blog, my inbox gets overwhelmed with emails from people asking for my opinion on pregnancy, breastfeeding, health topics, and personalized advice or recommendations. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE to help (and I love you), but I simply can not give away my time and expertise for free, so your best bet to work with me, so I can best help you, is to join my summer healing program. Click here to read about that.

If you haven’t already please check out the M+BL archives. There is almost 7 years worth of blogs posts and articles, it is a mountain of free and helpful information. Be sure to look there first to see if you can get your answer for free.

I have been working with mothers in some capacity for the last 14 years. My biggest passion in life is being of service to other mothers and I’m thrilled and grateful that I have always made a living doing what I love.

I want you to know that even if you decide not to become a paying client I am always sending you light and love and will hold you in my prayers and heart.

Product Questions & Customer Service Inquiries

For general inquiries or technical issues with any of my ebooks or products, please email me.

Please remember that Mama and Baby Love is run by just me! This is not a big company with dedicated support staff. I do my best to keep on top of inquiries, but sometimes it can take a whole week to get a response if someone is sick or there is a big influx of emails, or am in full time mom-mode in the summertime. Please be patient once you have emailed me.

Technical Support FAQ

Q: I purchased one of your products but it won’t download/open for me. What’s the dealio?

A: This seems to be a common problem with some Mac products like iPads and iPhones. Something to do with unzipping the package file that doesn’t work correctly on these devices. In this case, you need to download the product on a regular PC or Mac computer, and then transfer the PDF files to your iPad or iPhone via email or other method. If you continue to experience difficulties saving the file to your device or opening it, you will need to contact tech support for your specific device for help.

Q: I click the download link and it says it’s expired. What happened?

A: Ejunkie only gives you a few days from the time the download email is sent for you to actually download the book. It will also expire after so many attempts at downloading the book. On very rare occasions, Ejunkie will glitch out and prematurely expire the download. Just shoot me an email if this happens, but remember to be patient for a response!

Q: Why haven’t I received my link to download my ebook?

A: When you make a purchase your download link is automatically sent to the email address you have registered with PayPal. The website that sends the email is called To check the email you have registered with PayPal, log into your account, Select My Account in the top tool bar, scroll over to Profile, Click on My Personal Info, find Email address and the email address that is listed as your Primary Email is where the download link email will be sent to. Also check your SPAM and or JUNK folders to be sure it wasn’t sent into one of those.

Also, the email does not get automatically sent from until payment has CLEARED from PayPal. So if you paid by echeck, it can take up to 5 to 7 business days for the echeck to clear.

Q: How do I open the cookbook on my iPad?

A: Once you get the email from Ejunkie, click on the link where it says click link to download. Open up the PDF. Then tap the file and click on Open in iBooks, it’s a little icon that pops up in the right hand corner. Then hit Save to Library. Then boom! It’s in your ibooks! You can also use Kindle to open PDF’s on your iPad.

Q: How do I open the cookbook on another tablet/phone?

A: The cookbook comes as a PDF so all you need to do is download a PDF reader to your tablet or phone. Adobe has free readers for Android and Apple products.

Most Frequently Asked Cookbook Questions

Be sure to read the introduction of your cookbook. There is a ton of vital information that you can gain from here as well as lots of questions that may come up while you are preparing your meals.

Below is listed the most frequently asked cookbook and kitchen questions so be sure to check here first.

Q: How long can you keep the freezer meals in the freezer?

A: For a side by side freezer they will last for 6 Months. For a Deep Freezer they will last for 1 year. If you are using the cloth bags they will last for 3 months.

Q: Do you have vegetarian options?

A: Not really. Although there are a couple of vegetarian recipes in my first cookbook, on a whole, my recipes are Paleo, Whole 30, Weston A Price style, both animal protein and veggie heavy. Technically, you can double the veggies and do tofu, but this is not recommend practice. I am not a fan of soy, and if you don’t add soy, then you can’t get enough protein by just eating straight veggies and broth for dinner.

Q: How is the nutritional information set up in the cookbook?

A: Per serving. Please remember that the nutritional information is estimated based on averages and can vary greatly depending on the exact ingredients you use as well as the servings you use. It is for informational purposes only. If you need to know the nutrition information for medical purposes, I recommend making your own calculations based on the ingredients and serving sizes appropriate for you.

Q: Can I use less meat and add more vegetables?

A: Yes, you can cut the meat in half and add more veggies to cut costs and keep the meal the same size and flavor.

Q: How do you store bones?

A: You can put them in a ziplock and freeze them in the freezer until you have enough to make stock and enough time.

Q: Can I use brown rice?

A: Yes, but white rice is easier to digest. Check out the book Heal Tooth Decay for more information on why it’s a misconception that brown rice is healthier for you.

Q: How many portabello mushrooms equals 4 packages in the French Dip Stew Recipe?

A: It is about 2 pounds of mushrooms; you can always add more or less depending on your family’s preferences, or simply what you have on hand. Also note that this goes for most of the ingredients in the cookbook. You can always add more or less of an ingredient depending on your family’s preferences.

Q: What about the metals in crockpots?

A: Most of the cheap ones like Rival have lead in them. Even better ones have some lead in them even though they advertise that they don’t, they actually do but the amount of lead is just under what the FDA recommendation amount of lead consumption is that they consider ok (in their delusional and corrupt minds). All Clad has none. I have researched them and spoke with them on the phone at length and they swear they don’t actually have lead, and they are not just saying they don’t because legally they can. I don’t 100% believe them because all huge company and on a whole I think that corporate companies are just big fat liars. But I do think they are probably the best on the market. And the only way the lead will leach out is if the insert is cracked. There are some small, clay, no glaze traditional Indian style slow cookers out there that I have been meaning to try, but have not yet. They for sure don’t have lead, because the lead is in the glaze.

Q: Do you freeze the seasonings in with the veggies or meat or can I add them day of cooking?

A: You could leave out the spices if you want, but they freeze fine. And that is part of the ease, you just dump it all in the slow cooker, no need to round up spices and measuring spoons.

Q: Should I thaw everything completely before putting into the crockpot or just shove everything in there?

A: If the bag is small, I don’t thaw out at all, I just dump in. If it is large and can’t fit into my cooker frozen in a big brick, I set it out for a few minutes till I break the brick in half and get the lid on my slow cooker.

Q: Do you drain the can of tomatoes for Flank Steak Fajitas?

A: No, I put the liquid in. But adjust liquid to your liking…I like to have more liquid to work with at the end and I either season it more and use it like stock or I take some out and reduce it down in a saute pan to thicken it up. I’d rather have more liquid and deal with it later, because your meal is less likely to burn or dry out.

Q: I know each meal is divided into two bags, but when I’m making the meal do I cook what’s in one bag or do I cook both bags?

A: Yes, one bag in the slow cooker at a time.

Q: My (all clad) slow cooker says in bold NOT to put frozen meats/foods directly into the slow cooker, but to thaw meats before cooking. Do you not agree?

A: Yes, the USDA official recommendation is to not put frozen food into your slow cooker. I disagree with them and boldy defy them- and have never had an issue with it! But proceed at your own risk. 🙂

Q: I have read about the veggies being somewhat “mushy”. It sounds like this will be fine most of the time, but my husband/kids can be picky about mushy veggies. Do you have any suggestions on how to make them less mushy?

A: Pretty much if you cook veggies in a slow cooker they will be soft. You can cook the veggies separately by sautéing in a frying pan or you can add them the last 30 minutes in the slow cooker.

Q: When I cook the ground beef in the crock pot will I need to drain the fat after cooking?

A: No maam! That fat is good for you! If you buy good, organic grassfed beef that is.

Q: We buy our grassfed pastured meat in bulk, so it already comes frozen. What are your suggestions?

A: I buy meat in bulk too. It doesn’t usually last me all year, so sometimes I buy meat a couple of pounds at a time and sometimes I have 90 pounds in my deep freezer. When I have bulk in the freezer, I just bag the veggies and spices and then the day of cooking grab the corresponding piece of meat and throw both in the slow cooker frozen in the morning. Usually I will add more salt and pepper to the meat after about an hour of cooking, since it didn’t get the spice rub/mix at assembly time with the other ingredients.

Q: How can I calculate your recipes for Weight Watchers or if I’m diabetic, etc. since carbohydrates are not listed on your nutritional information. Do your recipes not contain carbohydrates?

A: Being grain free does not equal being carb free. All dishes have some carbs and some have lots of carbs. Serving size and substitutions account for a lot, and since it can actually be life threatening to use the wrong numbers in the case of insulin users, you must import the ingredients into your own recipe calculator or nutrition facts calculator and it will pop out what the carbohydrates are and then you can make your own decision.

Q: Can I email your cookbook to my friends or people in a group?

A: Please do not share my cookbook with anyone. That is absolutely a copyright infringement. It may be self-published and in digital format, it is still a book with full copyright laws to support it. BUT if you would like to buy bulk copies either in eBook format or print format, please contact me and I will help you with a bulk purchase and give you a nice discount.

Q: How do I embrace my child in the kitchen and let them help me?

A: My daughter loves to stir and pour things. So now at almost four she is full on helping me and we are working on knife skills. But when she was younger, she was just playing in a bowl of soapy water next to me, or pouring lentils from one bowl to another and stirring. She always made a huge mess, but with the soapy water it usually worked out well, I would just use the rags to clean up the water to wipe down the whole kitchen when I was done! I honestly think it is simply about your level of patience. Are you at a place that you can invite your child in the kitchen and it will be a peaceful time and a great memory for you both or will it just make you snap and say/do something you regret. Cooking with my child is a high priority for me because I want to the quality time and memories but also so I can be efficient with my time. I get to spend quality time with her and get a healthy dinner made.

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