DIY Lunch Box Notes

After spring break last year, my daughter started noticing that some of her friends had lunch box notes in their lunch, specifically ones with knock-knock jokes. She asked me to start leaving knock-knock jokes in her lunch box,too. I quickly looked up some knock-knock jokes and asked the M+BL Facebook community for ideas, too, and then haphazardly started scribbling jokes notes to her on scrap pieces of paper.

This summer I decided I was going to be more on top of it and get a bit more creative with her lunch box cards. I wanted to keep up with the funny jokes, but I am not creative in this way. I was so glad to find this mama had done the work for me already, she has a million different funny and free printable lunch box cards. I sent them to my local Staples to be printed, then I laminated and cut them out so we can re-use them over and over again. I found a million cute free printables and affordable sets to buy on Pinterest, (and even napkin notes!), check out my Lunch Box Note Ideas board over on Pinterest.

I wanted to do something handmade to supplement the funny notes with encouraging ones. I had the idea to help her with sight words, as she continues learning how to read at her Montessori school. So I cut up watercolor paper into small squares and painted a few words on the front in watercolor (I am still loving watercolor so much these days!) and wrote a note on the back. The first day, I chose brave. On the back, I wrote how proud I was of her for being brave and going to school even though she was nervous. When I picked her up from school that day, she was clutching the note in her hands – I think it helped her get through the day, knowing mama loved her.

Anyhoo, just a couple of ideas for ya! If you have some great resources to share, let me know in the comment section below. 🙂

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