DIY Stencil Monogram Pillows

Ok, bear with me, tutorials aren’t really my thing – and actually this is my first tutorial with step-by-step pictures .

I don’t have a fancy silhouette and paying someone to monogram is very expensive, so this is the perfect alternative.

Onto the goods! I was shopping with my Mommy one day and spotted some His and Hers pillow cases, I loved them BUT they were queen sized (we have a King,) they had beige writing (not for me), and they were 42 flipping dollars! I thought I could figure out how to do that for much, much cheaper, as well as make them just how I want them. And it would need to be done without the use of a embroidery machine or fancy cutting machine since I have neither.

DIY Stencil Monogram Pillows

I wanted to use my euro pillows for this so I used an older sheet I had stored away and cut it up! The kid helped, this is how all Moms craft right? And yes, I realize he shouldn’t be holding those scissors, but I was right there and it was only for a second.

I used the pillow as a template and cut two pieces for the front, and then two pieces a little bit larger vertically for the back.

DIY Stencil Monogram Pillows

Next, I printed out the words I wanted to paint (font size was 510)

DIY Stencil Monogram Pillows

How I love Martha craft paints! I used Summer Haze color (if you care), and her fabric medium. Just mix them as instructions state.

DIY Stencil Monogram Pillows

Since my “fabric” was white, I basically trace painted the words, using double stick tape to make sure they didn’t move. If I couldn’t see through the  fabric, I would have made  a stencil.

DIY Stencil Monogram Pillows

This is how I do pillows, since I know washing often is a must! This is where the larger piece comes in, just cut it 3/4 way down all the way across and then overlap them to be the same size as the front piece. Then put right sides together and….

DIY Stencil Monogram Pillows

Sew all the way around. I am not a great seamstress I really just wing it and have no idea what the proper way to do things are, I am self taught!

DIY Stencil Monogram Pillows

And ta-da! His and Hers pillows. Lets be real, shall we? I should have made 4, His, Hers, Baby’s, and Dog’s!

his and hers

Ps: I don’t iron, sorry!

Pps: Did you know you should always make your bed with the sheet and duvet folded down so that the sheets can air out and the sweat or whatever from the night can dry properly? Saw that on Dr. Oz, I believe.

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  • kate foster
    August 21, 2012 at 8:13 PM

    Or you can forgo making the bed altogether….

  • Mrs. L
    August 21, 2012 at 8:47 PM

    That also works 😉 although if I don’t do it my husband tries and does it wrong!

  • Maureen
    August 22, 2012 at 1:41 AM

    hahaha… what Kate said!! But-that is so adorable! I have been desperately wanting a Silhouette machine to do fun projects, and this turned out great! My brother and his wife have an adorable house, and a few weeks ago I was visiting, and thought his and hers pillows would be SO cute on their couch 🙂

  • Sara
    August 22, 2012 at 2:45 AM

    Great tutorial! Hope I can try to make one someday! Thanks!