Holiday Mantel Inspiration

Thought I’d share a little holiday decorating tip!

I really love simple, nature-inspired holiday decor and this one is very easy and cheap to do!
Holiday Mantel Inspiration

First get some cheapy ornaments from Micheal’s or some other place. The day after Christmas is when I buy any holiday decorations, always a steal to be found.

Then get some Frasier Fir branches for FREE when you get your Christmas Tree.

Trim them up to fit the size of your mantel and then mess with their placement until you are happy with how it looks.
Holiday Mantel Inspiration

Then I had Peter go outside and cut down some branches from our Japanese Ceder tree for some variation.
Holiday Mantel Inspiration

Lastly, place ornaments on top of the tree branches, varying in size, color and texture.

I like a monochromatic look, but I think mixing up the colors would also look pretty. In the past, I have done this with all white candles and one year I did it with just pine cones. Most of my holiday decor stays the same each year, so it’s fun to have an area that I change it up each year.

What does your mantel look like this year?

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