How to do a Capsule Wardrobe

It’s been a year now that I have started doing Capsule Wardrobes and I still love it!

Some things that have helped is reading up on Capsule Wardrobes (Un-Fancy blog is the master!) first but then adjusting the “rules” to my life. I am so impressed with the women that can whittle their wardrobe down to 37 pieces, including shoes, but that just ain’t ever gonna happen for me!

I released the idea of a specific number and just tried to be really conscious about the things I really loved and felt really comfortable to me. I also love the process of switching out wardrobes when the season starts. It’s like Christmas at the start of every season! I see clothes I haven’t seen in months and they feel new!

A tool that has helped is Stitch Fix (check out some of my Fixes here). The clothes I have bought from them always end up a keeper and they will help you add a few key pieces each season, to update your wardrobe and keep it current without mindlessly shopping all season long.

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