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How to Prevent Morning Sickness

**This is a guest post from my long time friend, Lindsey Morrow of She is awesomesauce! She has graciously agreed to share tons of great info from her new eBook, Morning Sickness Remedies.**  

Hi! I’m Lindsey! What I’m about to share with you is of epic proportions and included in my new eBook, Morning Sickness Remedies. I almost didn’t write this post, as I thought it would giving away too much great content from the eBook. But I love Stephanie, her website, and everything she does to help women and their families. She was the one who taught me to be a doula and encouraged me to start teaching Birthing From Within childbirth classes. It just makes sense that I would share this amazing information here on her website first.

In this post you will learn:

-one of the reasons we experience morning sickness.

-practical information to create a simple treatment plan which will ease or possibly even eliminate the symptoms of morning sickness.

For best results, this information is best implemented before pregnancy, but can absolutely be used for the first time during the first trimester. While I was researching morning sickness for my eBook I found some amazing research studies. Two in particular I want to share with you today.

The first study, which you can find here, found that pregnant women with hyperthyroidism were more likely to have abnormal electrolyte levels and increased liver enzyme levels (not what we want!). The severity of hyperemesis (vomiting) was found to vary directly with the degree of hyperthyroidism. In conclusion, they stated that the cause of hyperthyroidism may be linked to the cause of hyperemesis itself.

So what this study is saying is that pregnant women with thyroid issues also have other systems not working correctly, like the liver. Also, the sicker a woman is, the more bonkers her thyroid is. They think that the cause of the thyroid issues (which is causing liver problems) may be linked to the cause of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. Are you tracking with me? I hope so.

I have one more research study to share with you. After that, we’ll put it all together and I’ll show you how to apply this information. The second research study, which you can find here, found that the thyroid gland is activated in early pregnancy, possibly by hCG (the hormone that home pregnancy tests look for), which may cause morning sickness. So basically your thyroid gets out of balance during early pregnancy because your body is secreting so much hCG.

This abundance of the hormone hCG might be causing morning sickness. Ok, keep tracking with me here. This is where the big revelation is. Now let’s put these two studies together:

Pregnancy causes our bodies to secrete hCG, which over stimulates our thyroid gland, which makes other organs like the liver not able to process the excess hormones and toxins fast enough which makes us nauseous and vomit.

Ladies, the excess hormones and toxins, coupled with the inability of our livers to keep up, may be what is causing our nausea and vomiting.

Now this information may be all fine and dandy, but the real question is what can we do about it? We can’t make our bodies produce less hCG, we can’t help that hCG is activating our thyroids, but we CAN help our livers to process the excess hormones and toxins.

How? One way to do that is with milk thistle, a liver supportive and protective herb. It is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding (it is often used postpartum to increase milk supply). I recommend taking milk thistle (standardized to contain at least 70% – 80% silymarin) before pregnancy. Beginnings two months prior to pregnancy, take 2 tablets each day and then increase the dosage to 3 tablets daily when you get a positive pregnancy test.

It’s that simple!

Side note: I recently found out I was (unexpectedly) pregnant! I guess when you write a book about morning sickness it’s best to immediately test all the new remedies, right? Well, test remedies is exactly what I have been doing. Sadly, I did not have an opportunity to cleanse my liver before pregnancy (Surprise! Baby #3!) so I’m definitely feeling the effects of morning sickness. However, I am taking a few capsules of milk thistle daily, along with a handful of other remedies found in my eBook, and I feel MUCH better in this pregnancy than the others.

It’s an amazing feeling to be able to do something about morning sickness instead of just suffering.

I have been a functional human being, I’ve attended a birth and been doing 20 hours of postpartum doula work per week. No, my morning sickness is not gone, but all my remedies have “taken the edge off” and for that I am thankful. I truly believe that the more women who can get their hands on this information, the better. I hope we can ease the symptoms of morning sickness (dare I hope to eliminate it completely?). So, please share this post with a friend! If you liked this post you will love my new eBook Morning Sickness Remedies.

Share it on your Facebook timeline because the people who need it the most might not be “out” yet and can’t publicly ask for help. It may change everything for her.

The thing with morning sickness is that some remedies work for some women and not for others. Your sister may have found great luck with ginger, but ginger just isn’t cutting it for you. Enter Morning Sickness Remedies. In this comprehensive eBook you will find all the morning sickness options, treatments and remedies in one place. No more scouring the internet, desperately looking for a solution, wasting valuable energy and time. I’ve done the work for you, and have many amazing options just like the one in this blog post. Click here to get your copy!

eliminating the symptoms of morning sickness

For even more information about preparing for birth and motherhood, check out Stephanie’s eCourse, From Maiden To Mother.

*This post contains affiliate links, Stephanie makes a small commission on sales of Morning Sickness Remedies and off of Amazon recommendations. She never promotes anything she does not use herself and raves about to her best friends anyway and this is one of the few ways Stephanie earns a living from her website (she does NOT have ad network ads on her site to keep her website of the highest integrity and best online experience to her readers when they visit.) To see her full disclosure and policy page, click here. *

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  • Carolyn
    January 20, 2015 at 10:15 AM

    I just recently read that milk thistle can help with severe menstrual cramping by helping the liver process excess estrogen if that’s the cause of your cramping. I was planning to try it out soon, good to know that it can also help with morning sickness. I’ve long dreaded the possibility of having really bad morning sickness when I get pregnant. I might need to buy this book to take some preemptive measures even though we aren’t trying yet.

    I noticed though that the milk thistle that is linked to above has both blessed thistle and milk thistle in it. Wellness Mama says that blessed thistle is not recommended during pregnancy.

    • Stephanie
      January 20, 2015 at 4:58 PM

      Not sure about milk thistle helping with menstrual cramping, but if you search castor oil and mayan massage here you will find lots of other rememdies to help heal your uterus.
      And not sure about blessed thistle either, but I just changed the link, I was rushing this morning to get it published and accidently had a different link in there from what Lindsey originally had it link too. I bet she will comment here later tonight and explain more.