How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Hi Sweet Mamas! How are you doing this month? I know how busy and crazy and stressful the holidays can get. I have just the thing to help!!

Just imagine a life where you have all the tools you need to navigate everything life throws at you.

Imagine knowing exactly what to do when life starts to spiral and you feel overwhelmed and unbalanced.
Imagine preventing catastrophic levels of stress from ever happening again.

What if an easier and more peaceful life is only a few super simple changes away?
Learning a few important tools, the only requirement is that you actually use them by spending just a few minutes a day on intentional self-care and self-healing.

I created an online class that gives you tools to help you override unconscious patterns so you can stop feeling so overwhelmed all the time. This online class is for moms who feel overwhelmed on a daily basis and don’t know how to stop the cycle. It’s also for moms experiencing major life transitions; a big move, divorce, birth of a child, a new job, a death in the family, or any sort of trauma.

I’m writing to YOU. If you are ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and my class will show you how to take back your life in a way that is both easy and enjoyable, and to maintain balance and reduce anxiety for the rest of your life.

You can’t escape being overwhelmed, but I for sure can teach you how to stop it in it’s tracks and prevent it from occuring as often in the future.

So what do I know about helping moms to stop feeling overwhelmed?
Well if you are a long time reader you know, that I am the Founder and Creative Director of and my passion in life is helping moms heal from their past which allows them to reach their full potential and become the mother they want to be.

I firmly believe I was put here on earth to help others and that God molded me through my life experiences so I could better help others. I have been through a lot in my life – growing up with a mentally-ill mother, experiencing trauma and sexual abuse as a child and teenager, and now as an adult I have suffered several miscarriages. Marriage and family life has not been easy. My husband and I have our struggles, and our daughter has special needs and health issues that just make life harder for her and for us as her parents. Through all the pain, heartache and trauma, I have put a lot of time and effort on figuring out ways to heal so that I could be the mother I want to be despite my past and present day life stressors.

When I made the decision that enough was enough, that I was done with constantly feeling overwhelmed, everything changed. This is a decision you too will need to make before you can heal.

Are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed?
Are you ready to stop negative patterns?
Are you ready to get rid of whatever is unconsciously holding you back from making change?
Are you ready for this online class?!

If you are saying, “Yes, yes, yes!” this class is exactly what you need! Click here:

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For the last 15 years, I have dedicated myself to healing my own wounds and hurts and helping other moms do the same. No matter where my career or passions in life have taken me, my goal has remained focused.

I am not saying that I am perfect and can make your life perfect. I am a work in progress, like any human being. I am just further along the personal growth and healing journey than most moms and what I am doing right now, is turning around, while still continuing the forward movement of my own journey, to shed the light and show the path up to this point for other moms to follow.

I was 17 when I dived in head first and deep into my personal growth and healing journey. I have learned a ton and mastered a lot in the 15 years since, and I can help others who are just starting out. The main reason I have made it this far and have been able to do so much healing work is because I had a few key mentors who have guided me and taught me everything I know. When you are on a personal growth and healing journey, you must find someone who can throw you a life vest, teach you the tools to survive while holding your hand. You can’t figure it out alone. And I am holding my hand out to you now.

What I have shared in this online class is stuff I have had the opportunity to test over and over again as life throws more twists and turns my way. Most recently, the last two years involved two giant across-state moves that would have done me in if it I didn’t have these tools.

This information, these techniques, kept me from losing my mind. Honestly, they kept me from having a complete breakdown, from hurting myself, or worse, my child. It allowed me to be present, to hold the space and parent my child even though I was feeling really stressed.

In this class, I explain:

-What’s going on in our bodies that make us overwhelmed.
-Simple techniques and exercises to clear your patterns of feeling overwhelmed and anxiety.
-How to clear things from your past that have kept you from feeling balanced.
-And lastly, I show you how to maintain balance with positive affirmations and guided mediation.

Once you complete this class, you will have the tools to handle stressful situations that life throws at you.

With the holidays coming up, a lot of stressful triggers come up during family get-togethers, shopping for gifts, and traveling. The techniques in this online class will help you navigate those triggers and bring more peace and calm to your holiday season.

I wish you so much love, light and peace on your motherhood journey.

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Check out what these mamas said about this class:

This online class was a true lifesaver for me. I have recently been feeling extremely overwhelmed and found this class at just the right time. Stress in my marriage, financial stress, multiple miscarriages and the regular stress of mothering 2 little boys has caused me to feel at times like I was drowning and I did not know how to pull myself out. Stephanie was my life jacket and this class pulled me out of the deep waters of feeling overwhelmed. This class has helped me understand why I get overwhelmed and identify the triggers that cause it. It is such a relief to know that I’m not crazy and that there is a biological reason to why I feel overwhelmed! Stephanie explains everything in such a comforting way and her warmth and love shine through in all of the audio and videos. Not only does this class help us understand why we get overwhelmed it also provides the tools to help break the cycle. The tools are amazing and have made a huge difference for me. I plan on implementing these tools into my daily life. I am so grateful to Stephanie publishing this information and for being my life jacket during this stressful time in my life. It is very evident that she poured her heart into this and it is an amazing and life changing class.

– Amanda S.

This online class has been awesome for me. It came at just the right time. With the holidays approaching, I find myself getting sucked into the stress of the holidays trying to make and do everything perfectly. I usually just end up making myself miserable and then letting that transfer to the people I love the most. This course gives you the tools to slow down and figure out what’s going on and to get yourself back to your loving self. You can truly feel yourself relax and let go during these lessons. I will defiantly be implementing these tools more into my everyday especially during the holidays, but they are also great tools for everyday life as well. As a mom I usually always put myself last on the caring list and the lessons and tools you get from this ecourse really make you realize how you need to put yourself first so you can be the awesome mom, wife, friend, sister that everyone else needs.

– Stacey B.

I love what this class turned out to be, but more so because it is giving me tools to control the overwhelm and I feel like it is giving me the power back – rather than the emotion having the power. Thanksgiving is a very emotionally stressful time in my family as we typically spend it with in-laws. They trigger my husband to high heaven, which now I am learning triggers my 2.5 girl. I was getting literally dizzy from the stress of it all, but took a step back and imagined the visulizations from your meditation and that tool gave me the power back and took the control away from the overwhelm! I tapped with my daughter about what she feels and she was able to tell me clear as day what was going on with her. The overwhelm was diffused and we went about our day. Thank you!

– Jenn B.

I am so thankful to have learned these skills. When I am feeling anxiety I feel it throughout my entire body and it takes a huge physical toll on me. These techniques helped me calm my mind and body and allowed me to relax and think clearly. Every Mom needs this!

– Kelly C.

I have long looked up to Stephanie and have always been amazed how she is able to handle so much stress and emotional strife that is constantly being thrown her way. Her class sums up how she is able to function and pull herself back together for her daughter. She worked long and hard to learn these skills, to give her daughter the mother she never had, and now she is teaching us. This is a must attend class for any mother.

– Lauren J.

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  • Betsy
    December 16, 2014 at 9:05 PM

    I just purchased this and can’t wait to start digging into the material!

    • Stephanie
      December 17, 2014 at 10:38 AM

      Yay for you Betsy! So excited for you!