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Inspired to Sew

I haven’t done much sewing in the last several months. I really can’t even remember the last thing I sewed, it was probably around Penelope’s 2nd Birthday.

With being pregnant and on bed rest, then miscarrying, I was barely keeping up with work and parenting. Sewing went to the back burner, for sure.

But then I saw that Jacinda, from the lovely blog, Prudent Baby, came out with a new fabric line, and I just had to have some and make something for Penelope right away. I was also really happy for her and wanted to support her. I love stories of women entrepreneurs just like her, where blogging has catapulted them into living their dreams.

I ended up buying Texas Modern Sunset. You can buy some here too.

texas sunset 2 025

These days Sweet P is having fun searching for strawberries and immediately eating them. Planting strawberries in pots, on the porch, is really working out well.

I had all sorts of dreams and intentions of coming up with a design on my own, or making this jumper, but in the end I didn’t really have too much fabric to work with ( I bought two fat quarters) and wanted to stick with what I knew.

I used Prudent Baby’s Snappy Toddler Top tutorial, they have a dress version too. I have made it before and loved it. If you follow that link, please take a moment to notice how much better my photography skills have gotten!

I love making fabric covered buttons. I used this little contraption and it works like magic.

texas sunset 3 026

One thing that hasn’t gotten any better, is my sewing-a-round-shape-skill. There are no up close pictures of the top of her shirt for a reason. Just be mesmerized by the pretty watercolor pattern and pay no attention to my wonky stitches and uneven placement of the fabric buttons.

What are you sewing these days?

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