Last Minute Entertaining Tips

It’s not very often that I do anything last minute. I am a planner with a capitol P. I love to plan for things months and months in advance. For me, anything I want to accomplish is much more manageable and attainable if I give myself plenty of time and split the goal into small, manageable steps. But there are times that I have last minute play dates set up for my friends and Penelope’s friends and the easiest way for me to have something to offer is a cup of herbal tea and a homemade cookie or muffin. tea pot 445 Pretty much all my recipes are freezer friendly. When I bake Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip cookies, or my Grain Free, Banana Almond Muffins I put them in my freezer. That way I can take a couple out at a time, put them in the oven to warm up, and by the time the tea is done I also have fresh cookies. Y’all know I am drinker, so when I have a last minute wine date with a friend it involves me grabbing a bottle of red from the cabinet after Penelope is asleep and driving over to my friend’s house in my pajamas. But if I were a white wine drinker, LG’s Blast Chiller Feature would ┬ábe super handy to have! It chills a beer in 5 minutes and wine in 8 minutes! Last Minute Entertaining Tips

The LG Blast Chiller, available in the 3-Door Super Capacity French-Door refrigerator (LFX31935), can chill a room temperature, 12oz beverage in five minutes or a bottle of wine in just eight minutes. By comparison, a typical refrigerator takes about 40 minutes to accomplish this task – even in the freezer. This refrigerator is also among the largest capacity 36-inch refrigerators currently on the market, offering almost 20 percent more space and the ability to store over 50 gallons of milk.

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