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From Maiden to Mother eCourse is HERE!!


I know that I was put on this planet to help mamas and babies. No matter what I have done that last past 15 years, it has been some sort of manifestation of helping mamas and babies. And now, I am pleased to announce that the From Maiden to Mother eCourse is here!

This course is exclusively available inside the Art of Motherhood School

Oh, y’all! I am so excited! It is the culmination of 15 years of personal growth, training, and straight-up hard work. I have never been so vulnerable and honest before about my healing and motherhood journey — and y’all know how honest and open I am on M+BL, so I hope that speaks volumes.

This eCourse has ALL of brand new content, never seen before. I basically poured everything I used to teach in a face to face format at my yoga studio into a digital format like my childbirth classes, infant care classes and more (and a ton of other info!).

I also organized ALL fertility, pregnancy and baby M+BL archived articles into the bottom area each lesson, so all the pertinent info that I have already written about is available in a handy way.

This is an eCourse, but you can assimilate the information at your own pace. You have lifetime access to the content and there is no test! Go through it at your leisure, skip around to whatever lesson you want to learn first. All the lessons are applicable and insightful no matter where you are on your motherhood journey.

Often women need information and skills to parent well and be healthy, but even though they have the information they don’t know how to make change and really transform. And that is because the personal growth and healing that is required to change is missing. So this course has both the meat and potatoes information about how to be a loving and healthy parent, but also how to actually start a personal growth and healing journey or take it to a deeper level.

Motherhood brings up all our junk from childhood, whether they are big Traumas or little traumas. And Mamas are often just left out in the cold to try and figure out how to process and deal with everything that the motherhood journey triggers. This eCourse gives mamas the lifevest they are looking for when they feel like they are sinking.

This eCourse includes:

21 Audio Lessons

19 Audio Interviews with Experts from across the board

13 Instructional/Tutorial Videos

Written transcriptions of all lessons and videos with additional reading/research links on each topic

Access to a private forum group only for women who have purchased this eCourse

A copy of From Maiden to Mother: Your Guide to a Conscious Childbearing Year eBook

I’ve spent more than a decade helping women prepare for birth and heal emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. You’ll learn everything I know about birth, parenthood and healing.

Are you ready for both labor and parenthood? This eCourse prepares you for the journey.

This eCourse will give you all the meat and potatoes information about how to have an easier pregnancy, birth and postpartum, but also help you release trauma or emotional baggage before you become a mom, or if you are a mom already.

I’m here to tell you that childbirth and labor can be easier. It’s hard work, but I want to help you make it manageable — enjoyable even.

Babies don’t come with an instruction manual. Being a parent — especially for the first time – is scary. Release and overcome your fears. Break old patterns and transform your life. Be the mom you want to be!

Do you have a bunch of luggage that you are dragging around, things that are holding you back, that you don’t want to pass on your children? Trauma and abuse left me desperate for ways to heal my wounds so that I could be the mom I wanted to be. I found the ways that work – and now I’m telling you everything I know. In this course, you will learn how to heal yourself and your child. Whatever issues you are dealing with, whether they are physical or emotional, I give the basic tools to help you on your healing journey so that you can be the kind of mother you want to be.

In this eCourse, you’ll find out what being healthy really means – like how to use natural foods and treatment to nourish yourself and your family.

You’ll get hours and hours of video. Interviews from world-renowned experts in health, wellness, birth, and motherhood preparation like Ina May Gaskin and others. Yes, that’s right. I got to interview Ina May for this eCourse! And she is truly amazing.

You’ll also get my re-released Maiden to Mother eBook, and lifetime access to all content. Any newly-added content will come at no additional cost to you. Together we will do the healing, get rid of the baggage, and take your power back. You can thrive with your children. Be a happier, healthier, better parent. I’ll help you get there. I can’t wait to get started with you.

Again, this eCourse includes: 21 Audio Lessons, 19 Audio Interviews with Experts from across the board, 13 Instructional/Tutorial Videos, Written transcriptions of all lessons, with additional reading/organized M+BL archived links on each topic, access to a private FB group only for women who have purchased the eCourse and a copy of From Maiden to Mother, Your Guide to a Conscious Childbearing Year eBook.

And in honor of my eCourse launch, I am releasing three mediation I have recorded for each stage of your journey:

A Preconception Meditation for mamas who want to work on attracting their baby to them and want to learn how to connect and communicate with their unborn child.

A Pregnancy Meditation for expectant moms, whether you are pregnant yourself or waiting for the arrival of your child via surrogacy or adoption. This meditation will help you release fears and connect with your child.

A Motherhood Meditation for all mothers with children of any age. It will help you forgive yourself, calm your nerves and anger, and tap into the joy of motherhood by restoring yourself after giving so much to your family.

This eCourse is such an amazing deal. It would cost you thousands of dollars to get this information from me and the other experts I interviewed in a face to face format. In fact, I used charge $215 per couple just for my childbirth classes! A one hour consultation with me is $100. This is such a great deal, I promise you. If you are anywhere on your motherhood journey and wanting more information about how to be the healthiest mother you can be on all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, even financial, you are going to love this eCourse and I know you will think it is worth the money.


Lesson Categories:

Spiritual Health

-Healing From Birth

-Healing Trauma

-Energy Healing

-Holotropic Breathwork

Physical Health


-Chiropractic Care


-Self Massage


Mental Health

-Emotional Triggers

-Breath Awareness

-Non-Focused Awareness


Emotional Health


-Art Therapy & Journaling

-Trauma Release Exercises

-Reich Exercises

Financial Health

-Attracting Abundance

-Balancing work/business with motherhood

Whole Health

-Radical Self Care


-What is Real Food?


-Real Food for Fertility

-Taking Care of Your Uterus


-Why Pregnancy is so Profound


-Getting Information

-Birth Tigers

-Acupressure to induce or encourage labor

-Cat/Cow Yoga Series

-Labor Positions

-Prenatal Massage

-Sun Salutation Yoga Series

-Yoga Squat Series

-Interviews from expert midwives and doulas


-Increase Milk Supply

-Mothering The Mother

-Make Your Boobs A Happy Place

-Baby Massage


-Baby Yoga for Digestion/Gas

-Baby Calming Techniques/5-S’s

-Surviving Early Postpartum

-Placenta Encapsulation

-Real Food and Balancing It All


Experts Interviewed:

Donielle Baker, Founder of Natural Fertility and Wellness and Author

Sean Croxton, Founder of Underground Wellness and Author

Tricia Callahan, Founder of Once a Month Meals

Sarah Finks, Life Management Expert for Women

Mathilde Freeman, Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner and Astrologist

Ina May Gaskin, Founder and Director of The Farm Midwifery Center and Author

Leslie Hanks, Founder of Yoga Unlimited

Teresa Jimenez, Doula, Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Chef and Singer

Amanda Johnson, Founder of Full Circle, Placenta Encapsulation & Certification

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Josephs, Founder of Center for Healing

Rachel Kelley, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Mary Beth McBride, Founder of Open Fields Healing

Lindsey Morrow, Founder of Mother Rising Birth Services

Jaima Schutt, Founder of Ring Around the Rosies

Laura Kaplan Shanley, Author, Speaker and Childbirth Consultant

Katie, Founder of Wellness Mama

Rachel Star of Sedona, Founder of Blissful Wisdom

Anne Tegtmeier, Founder of Dou-la-la and student IBCLC

Jill Welch, Founder of Blessed Be Midwifery and The Kitchen Goddess

Buy From Maiden to Mother today and start your transformation! If you know you want to improve your life, your health and your mothering skills, but don’t even know where to start, this is the thing you have been looking for!!


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