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My Favorite Things, Ever Skincare and More!

Hi loves!

One of my favorite things is to share about my favorite things. According to the book The Tipping Point, there are certain types of archetypes people usually fall into: Maven, Connector and Salesperson.

I think I am combo of Connector and Salesperson. Sometimes I get hung up on the “sales” part of it, and sometimes that can feel yucky, but really it just means a person is good at sharing ideas and information and helping to connect and solve problems…and that sums me up perfectly.

Anyhoo, I love sharing information and helping people and I wanted to create a new blog post that listed all of my favorite things in one place. So here ya go!

EVER Skincare:

This is my newest favorite thing! Now that I am in my mid-thirties taking care of my facial skin is a top priority. My pores were getting bigger, fine lines were becoming more frequent, under my eyes were becoming haggard looking and I just wanted to really get serious about getting into a regimen and start taking care of my skin. I had been introduced to Rodan & Fields years ago, but when I research the ingredients I was not interested, no matter how good the results were. And I instead would spend a ridiculous amount of money on natural beauty product lines like Natura Bisse, and if you click on that linked and are shocked by the price… yes, I have paid that amount for one jar of cream! If you got that kind of money to spend on a regular basis, try it, I do really love Natura Bisse, it’s just out of my price range now as a school teacher. So when all my products ran out, I decided to try EVER Skincare, a plant-based, natural skincare line in my price range. And the products are awesome! I am THRILLED with the results and the ingredient list and company is aligned with my values and love of natural living.

Nourish + Love Herbal Tinctures:

These are herbal tinctures I make myself.  I traveled to Belize a few years ago to learn from the master herself, Dr. Rosita Arvigo. I buy herbs in bulk that she grows on her sustainably harvested rain forest farm in Belize. Then I tincture them in Gluten-Free vodka (Tito’s) and bottle them. My inventory is varied and the best way to keep up with what I have available to join to my private Facebook group for my clients, click here to join the Nourish + Love Facebook group.  Anxiety, digestive issues, menstrual issues, immune system help, I have a tincture blend for it and they really work! Click here to learn more about Nourish & Love Herbal Tinctures.

Essential Oils:

I have been using Essential Oils for over 11 years. I love, love, love essentials oils. There are many great companies out there but I prefer these. I am huge fan of utilizing the power of plants and essential oils is an amazing way to do that. You can use oils for a myriad of things, but my favorite way to use oils is for relaxation. Check out this post to learn about my favorite oils.

Protandim from LifeVantage:

My dad introduced me to this supplement when my daughter was a baby and I have been taking it ever since. I went through a period of about a year of not taking it and I noticed a huge difference in my overall health when I was not on it. When we moved back to Tallahassee, I was really out of balance from the move, the whole experience took a huge emotional toll on my body and for the first time in over 10 years I went back to working with a professional nutritionist-the same one that used when I very first started my health journey 16 years ago! I brought with me two huge bins of supplements that I had taken on and off over the years and we went through together one by one (along with recent blood work) and decided what I should be taking. And do you know one of the few bottles that made the cut? Yup. Protandim. Click here to learn more and order Protandim for yourself.

Stitch Fix:

I have been shopping with Stitch Fix since they launched and I don’t know what I would do without them! Pinterest was a game changer for my style, because I am such a visual person, being able to see normal outfits put together (not runway fashion pictures in a Vogue magazine), really helped me put together outfits. Stitch Fix took my style to another level. It was a way for me to safely try out new things, so I could really find out what my signature style is and it helped me pair down my closet so I could achieve a capsule wardrobe to make my life simpler (full disclosure, my “capsules” are pretty big still-I’m a work in progress, lol.) If you have not tried Stitch Fix /a> yet, you must, must give it a try. Plus, I consider it a form of self-care. Having a personal stylist that cares about you, feels really good.

*These are all products that I make a commission or direct sales from and I thank you for your support. If you are a new reader, you can check out my policy page here and browse through archives here. I take your trust seriously and I only share about products that I truly love and use.

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