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Oil Reaches Louisana Shores

Here’s the article and pictures.

This makes my heart hurt. I have been putting my head in the sand all month regarding the oil spill. For some reason, now that I am mother, the wrongs of the world seem even more painful. Maybe I am just still hormonal and emotional. So to compensate, I have tried to create a little happy bubble for myself and not think of anything but the blessings in my life. But I forced myself to look at these pictures. Tallahassee has been my home for 10 years now and the Gulf has become a part of my roots. Penelope was born here and the Panhandle and Gulf are certainly a part of her story. I have to look. If I am not a part of the solution, I am a part of the problem.

To be honest, I am not even sure what to do about it. I firmly believe that the BP executives need to be held accountable with real prison time. In my opinion, they committed murder and need to be tried and convicted as if it were a street crime murder. But how does one go about making sure that happens?

The other thing that needs to be done, is reduce our consumption of oil. I already do a lot, much more than the average American, but there has got to be more that I can do. The first thing that comes to mind, maybe insignificant, but I want to stop using ziploc bags. I use them like they are going out of style, like candy. I use them for EVERYTHING. I told Peter the other day that I wanted to stop using them (and paper towels for that matter) and he said “Good God, woman, don’t we do enough already??” No, we don’t. Now that I can sew a bit better, I think am going to try and make these. And also start taking 5 extra seconds to use a glass container for food storage in the fridge.

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