Ombre “ish” Lampshade Makeover

Crafty home decor projects are oftentimes my happy place. I like crafts that my mind can find some stillness, and that can help me decompress. This one fits in the middle somewhere, the majority of it is very soothing, while the type A part of me struggled with the graduations (is that the right word?) of it.

Onto the goods, I saw this project on the Nate Show (I’m sorry, I am getting teary at the thought of it, I cannot believe it got canceled!) and loved it then. I had a plain white shade and thought this would be perfect for it. I waited until yarn went on sale at Michael’s in case I hated the outcome $2.99 on sale – SCORE!

This is the tutorial I used, and it is great! There is no way a tutorial from me could compare. So instead I will give you some pics and tips.

Ombre "ish" Lampshade Makeover

Ombre "ish" Lampshade Makeover

In the tute, the author says to make sure you keep your waiting yarn inside your shade, that is one step you cannot skip!

Also make sure you are starting and stopping all your different colors in the back.

It only takes a little dab of hot glue to get the yarn to stick and do not press your finger into the hot glue – it hurts, it’s hot and the yarn does not protect you.

Ombre "ish" Lampshade Makeover

While getting my sophisticated craft on, I looked over only to notice I am a dork drinking out of a Harry stinking Potter cup. Just thought I would share that little tidbit.

Ombre "ish" Lampshade Makeover

Here is the finished project, my husband loves it and that is saying something. It was really a fun, quick project that makes a big impact.

You can customize it to any colors you want. I was trying to pull out the grey and teal from my pillows (which you can not see in this photo) but I would also loved to have a done a true ombre with shades of yellow maybe next time. I could totally undo this one with no damage done and start over.

Anybody else noticing the empty frame? Right, I am the “photographer” who takes thousands of pics a month who has empty frames. GO FIGURE!

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