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Save your Toys and Toes with a Pebble Bag


One sweet, cherubic-cheeked child = 5011 bits, bobs and playthings strewn about the floor.

Perhaps you can relate?

When Girl Wonder was little, maybe 5 or 6, it didn’t matter one lick how many bins and baskets I had artfully arranged to collect her debris. Puppy Playhouse pieces (do they even still make those?) would lay in wait for my bare feet.

My mum, being the experienced and wise woman that she is, would tell Girl Wonder ~ “It’s easier to pick up pebbles than boulders”.

We’d coax Girl Wonder to pick up her toys while the piles were small and few between. Without success.

And so the Pebble Bag was invented.

I sewed up a simple drawstring tote to hang on her bedroom doorknob. We’ve stitched up new ones over the years as she’s morphed into a teenager.

When I’d kill a tiny plastic turtle or stub my toe on a Hello Kitty stickered matchbox car – into the Pebble Bag it would go.

We made an agreement. She’d do her absolute best to pick up after playing. Any stray toys I found would go into the Pebble Bag. It was her job to empty the Pebble Bag. Should she forget the “putting away” part and the Pebble Bag begin to overflow; those toys would be temporarily handed over to me. For my part, I had to embrace the toy trail that marks childhood. We saved a lot of nagging. She’s a bit of an independent spirit so she liked choosing when she got to empty the bag.

Plus, it’s a great way to clear out old toys. When I did have to take away the contents of her bag, and she would go weeks without asking where they were, I could quietly move those toys on to a new home.

Here’s a few links to Pebble Bag inspiration:

Modern rock star  or sweet and simple or reversible. Or maybe you like the friendly monster face?!

Pick your pattern and personalize with fabric and other crafty accessories – whether you use it for a pebble bag or an every-day tote.

Here’s to keeping little parts from putting a hitch in your get along.

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