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Readers Questions: Homeopathic remedies for sick babies and how to switch to cloth diapers.


Yay! I got my first couple of reader questions! Here are the questions and answers. Please  note, that I am not a Doctor, so this can not be used as medical advice, I am simply sharing my personal experience.

Please keep the questions coming! You can email me at Info (at)

Reader Question:
I read that Penelope got sick. What did she have? How did you treat her?

Mama and Baby Love Answer:  She caught some virus. It manifested first as a fever for about two days , then it went to her chest and she had a little cough. She would cough mostly at night. It was a croup-type cough at first, then just a regular cough, that was more dry sounding. All and all, it lasted about a week. I gave her Tylenol when she had the fever (which was 101.5), and then I got Hyland’s cold and cough homeopathic tablets. I also bought Eldertussin Elderberry syrup that is homeopathic and also had things like echinacea and horehound for immune and respiratory health. Elderberry is helpful for clearing congestion, whether its  in your chest or sinuses.The syrup says its for 1 year old’s and up, that are at least 25 pounds. Penelope is about 22 pounds and 8 months, so I just cut the dosage in half. My pediatrician. said I could give her Robotussin, but to cut the dosage in half. I figured if I can give her some freaking Robotussin, I can give her this elderberry stuff. He also said I could give her Sambucol which also has elderberry in it. Then I took elderberry pills, and upped my vitamin c and d, and of course kept up with our daily Reuteri (I take one pill a day and give her half of half teaspoon everyday in one of her bottles). I also drank several glasses of Breath Easy tea. Whatever I eat, drink or take as supplements gets to her through my breast milk. I took several steam showers with her, the first few days when the cough was the worst. Oh, and we bought a vaporizer for the bedroom at night. Our local co-op has been out of Kombucha, but normally I drink that every day for immune health as well.

Reader Question:
I am considering making the switch to cloth diapers. the problem is that we are in an apartment complex and I do not have access to my own washer and dryer and I don’t think it is right to do that in the community ones. My main issue is that I have read a couple places that the harsh bleaches and chemicals diaper services use are just as bad or worse than disposable diapers. Also, the carbon footprint of the company driving around and such to drop off and pick up the diapers. What do you know about diaper services and despite the downfalls is it better than using disposables?

Mama and Baby Love Answer: 
I agree, I would not go with a diaper service, for the reasons you stated. You may even be hard pressed to find one. We do not have one here in Tallahassee.

You might re-think using the community ones. I wash sheets and other clothes after I wash her diapers, and its a non-issue. It’s not like I have a washing machine just dedicated to diapers. There is not a cross-contamination issue at all. If you are super concerned about it, a simple rinse cycle on hot with nothing in it, after you have washed your diapers, would be more than enough.

The company that makes the diapers we use, has a hybrid diaper out. You can stuff it with an organic cotton insert or a disposable insert. I haven’t used it, but have friends that have, and its a great diaper. So you could buy the shells, and use the disposable insert until you move and then when you move you could buy the cotton insert. The disposable inserts are bio-degradable and don’t have chlorine in them, so its not like its a Pamper insert in there touching his skin.

MBL also consulted Jen Starks, owner of Ecological Babies, a cloth diapering business, for more information. This is what she said:

“Great response! I’d add that if she uses the laundromat that she wipes the inside of the machine with white distilled vinegar  BEFORE she washes the diapers. That way, the diapers won’t be affected by any bleach that was previously used in there, fabric softeners, or harmful detergent built in.

Also, it is a more serious commitment to cloth diapers (certainly not impossible) when not actually having the facility at home. To make it easier on them, I’d suggest getting enough for a 3 day supply. That way, they don’t feel like they are living at the laundromat.

Finally, another easy diaper (that I’m going to be selling shortly) is the Thirsties covers with an insert that lays inside it. It’s minimal bulk and super easy to use. You just lay the insert inside of the cover and put on the baby. With this approach, they might even be able to extend (and afford) the number of days in between washes.”

P.S. Jen is a local Tallahassee business, but she ships all over the country. If you contact her, she is more than happy to help answer any and all cloth diapering questions.

If anyone has any other advice they would like to add to these reader’s questions, please leave some advice in the comment section!

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  • Brent Pederson
    July 19, 2010 at 4:14 PM

    re: Diaper Service. For the most part your argument is flawed. I will only speak of our stores but here is the real truth. Fact: our diaper service is over 85% more efficient than washing at home fact: it would take you over 16 hours to clean what we clean and dry in 1.5 hours. We use 6 liters of water per diaper compared to 14 at home Fact: The diapers washed in a "commercial setting" will be washed with water hotter than at home. Our equipment is designed to rinse clean with no bacterial residue. Take a swab or a home washer and be prepared to vomit. Remember you are washing your sheets and under wear in that machine. yuck..As to the "trucks" well again that is not based on fact. Fact It takes 2 cups of oil to produce a disposable that we use for basically 3 hours. If you were to jump in your car to drive down to get those diapers tack on another liter, then add your garbage truck fuel, then add your dump tractor fuel and you have a better idea. Fact: In our service we use per customer just 1/4 cup of fuel per delivery. You can't drive to your store and back for less. In short, a diaper service.. a real one not a WAHM type has a much less carbon foot print than washing at home. No contest compared to disposables. Is washing at home cheaper.. you bet. If you put a $ value on your time that you will spend on washing your diapers then a Service is the way to go. What i would suggest to all expecting moms that want to use cloth is to use the service for the first 2 to 3 months then switch to washing your own. You will save money on the smaller diapers that your baby will grow out of soon. You will be able to figure out if cloth is for you. You will be able to spend more time with your new baby and not worry about washing, and washing and …washing. As to the harsh chemicals that other services use.. it's gross. We have designed our own detergents that are as biologically friendly and made from organic bases (ie. soy, and coconut). We also DO NOT use Chlorine Bleach. We diaper in excess of 10,000 diapers a day. We are also the only Diaper service Franchise known. The numbers i have given are based on real numbers. The old argument of diaper services and big trucks and bad diapers in at least our part is so not true.. Any choice you make other than disposables is a great choice. Any reusable diaper will be better than a plastic throw away. Good luck. If any body has questions about cloth diapers please feel free to drop me a email or blog on our web site. We a Canadian based for now but I would be happy to help where I can.
    Brent P RN, Founder.
    HAPPY NAPPY Cloth Diaper Service