Roasted Vegetables are Amazeballs

Not so long ago, I didn’t know how to cook. Not a single thing. I could make bad scrambled eggs, burnt bacon, and burnt toast. That was it. I lived off cold cut sandwiches, cereal, chips, frozen dinners, and any and all junk food.

And oh how my body and mind paid the price.

It’s been a long process teaching myself even basic skills on how to cook. I have been on a health and personal growth journey since I was 18, but I really didn’t get a fire lit under my butt to learn how to cook anything other than using my slow cooker till I was pregnant with Penelope.

One of the things that blew my mind when I figured out other types of cooking was roasting vegetables.

Steaming vegetables is what I always associated with “healthy”, but they were always so tasteless and unsatisfying. Roasting vegetables is a whole different ball game — they taste damn good.

Roasting fresh vegetables is the absolute easiest way to cook them and they always end up tasting amazing. As I experimented roasting different vegetables, I was always surprised by how good the veggies taste. I can eat an entire plate of roasted veggies — I crave them as much as I crave a chocolate chip cookie! And if you have read my cookbook, you know what a chocoholic I am!

So, what’s my method for roasting veggies? I usually chop the vegetables pretty coarsely, mostly just to save time on chopping. They can be any size you want, they just need to all be the same size.

Heads up, roasting veggies can be kind of crapshoot. The oven temp can be anywhere from 350° to 425°. I usually just put the oven to 350 and keep an eye on them and when they start to brown and smell good, I taste one and take them out of the oven when they taste just right.

This is also a great way to get some good healthy fat into your meals, too. Whenever I roast veggies, I always add hefty doses of fat. You can toss the veggies in a bowl with some healthy fat or you can just drizzle the fat over the veggies once they are on the roasting pan. I like to use coconut oil, bacon grease, lard or olive oil.

Then add spices! Honestly, more often than not, I only season with sea salt and pepper. A lot of sea salt. But sometimes I do curry, or Italian seasoning, or cayenne, or red pepper flakes. Onion powder and garlic is a good flavor mix, or ginger and grated lemon are good, too.

Another tip that you might enjoy, that I do regulary, is to roast a lot all at once. I love being as effiecient as possible in the kitchen and I HATE washing dishes. So I will use the same roasting pan over and over again, during a span of several hours, swaping out vegetables and puting it back in the oven each time. That way, I can make a week’s worth of fresh, roasted veggies in one fell swoop. And  that way I  have plenty of veggies on hand for one or two servings each meal, ensuring that I get 5 to 7 servings of veggies each day.

The opportunities for left over roasted veggies are endless, scrambled up with some eggs for breakfast, thrown in a salad or sandwich for lunch, and when I am really lazy and want healthy comfort food, I will take the last serving of a slow cooker freezer recipe meal and put it on top of a plate of chips, add the last of the roasted veggies, add some cheese and I have a mountain of nachos for dinner. It’s heaven. And my uber practical German brain relishes in the fact, that not a single thing went to waste.

Do you like to roast veggies? What’s your go to way to roast them?

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