Taking Summer into Fall

I don’t know about you but at a certain point in the summer I begin to crave Fall! The scarves, the boots, the tights, oh my! It gets to the point where I refuse to buy anything that would not work for fall. Well, unless it is a great amazing deal, after all a deal is a deal.

So I got to thinking about all the pieces I had acquired this season that I am in love with and hope I can bring into the next season with me. I know Stephanie is feeling the same way.


Here are some ideas…. (from pinterest of course)

*If its a dress add some tights or leggings, some boot socks, and some awesome riding boots.

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*Invest in a gorgeous jean jacket or trench coat (I love a short trench coat these days). They are perfect for dragging all those less than warm tops into the fall. Especially all those flowy tops I raved about in my last post.

*I have a feeling boyfriend cardigans are going to be around for a while, so grab a couple on sale and add them to all those tanks from the summer. I think they look super cute with a shorter length skirt and some boots. You know, kind of a bad school girl look, just for the hubs of course. 😉

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*Maxi skirts are a no-brainer, add some boots or even some booties and you’re golden.

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*As for all that colored denim we all swooned over, it can be taken into the Fall as well. Add some fall neutrals, like a sweater and your go-to ballet flats (maybe some leopard ones) and those mint jeans make it to the next round.

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*The biggest trend of the summer in my opinion was the chambray shirt and they are perfect for fall layering. Under a gorgeous scarf or sweater they are going to fit awesomely in with your craving for fall activities.

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My jean jacket pick below…

drag it into fall

drag it into fall by simplyinspiredmamablog featuring leather shoes

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