THEME PARTY: Wizard of Oz Birthday

rainbow background 1

Earlier this year, Penelope got invited to the coolest Wizard of Oz birthday party and I just had to share some of the pictures!

My friend Amy is an absolute pro at planning parties (although her real job is an anesthesiologist!)  Throwing parties like this is something that Amy really enjoys and it gives her joy and her daughter enjoys them as well. She is a mom I look up to in that way. It’s not about being the best or about being perfect, it’s about doing something you love and having fun. I think there are some moms who feel threatened or bad about themselves from parties like this, as if only “good” moms throw parties like this for their kids. So if you are reading this and start to beat yourself up for not throwing elaborate parties, please don’t. Not everyone woman likes planning parties, and not every kid likes them, and that is ok. When it comes to kid’s birthday’s, do what makes you and your child happy.

BUT if you do love elaborate parties, then feast your eyes my friends, this one is fantastic. It’s filled with inspiration and fun ideas.

It was her daughter Katie’s 4th birthday. She was in heaven and having a total blast the whole party. Here she is with a few of her friends, taking full advantage of the self-serve rainbow candy table.

rainbow candy table 1

img class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-12396″ title=”rainbow candy table” src=”×485.jpg” alt=”rainbow candy table” width=”728″ height=”485″ />

Amy set up several crafts for the kids to do and also set up this table to put the finished crafts on so the parents didn’t have to lug around the crafts at the party. Witches hats, tin mans, and rainbow necklaces crafts to name a few.

craft table 2

She decorated the craft table sessions to match the craft theme!

tin man craft table

She also had amazing party favors for each child. Each girl got a full Dorothy costume upon arrival, after walking through a yellow brick road to get the the party entrance. The boys got cute badges of courage to wear.

yellow brick road

party favor dresses

Penelope thought it was genius and was very excited to play dress up AND go to a birthday party. Amy, very smartly, had a few of her favorite babysitters on hand to help at craft tables and dress up areas.

party favor costumes 1

Her son Tucker was wearing the cutest Tin Man costume. Penelope loved playing with the party games. There was a witches hat ring toss, witches broomstick races, a lion pinata and this haunted apple fishing as the games.

tin man tucker

Amy got cupcakes made from a local bakery (the same one that did cupcakes for Penelope’s ballerina party). This bakery is so good about moms sending pictures from Pinterest and then them doing it exactly as the mom’s party vision. But Amy also made this cake herself! I wouldn’t let Penelope eat the cake because of the food dye (she did have plenty of icing, I am not that mean), but man it was pretty to look at.

rainbow cake

Loved this witch oreo display!

oreo witch legs

Penelope and I had such a blast at this party! Thanks again for inviting us and letting me share this pictures with my readers!

me and P

Here is a list of the Etsy party suppliers she used:

Cake Pops: Entirely Sweet
Piñata: AbitaAchie

Double the Fun Parties ( tin man craft, rainbow necklace craft, Dorothy house, tornado, water pail for witch table, blue birds)

Southern Bell Charm for invitations, paper signs, food signs

Poster characters: Play Patterns
Rainbow cookies: Not Betty Cookies on Etsy
Dorothy aprons: Josette’s Aprons on Etsy

Rainbow paper fan decor: Shanz Partaaay Decor on Etsy

Witches Brooms: Broom Chick on Etsy

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  • Maureen
    July 9, 2013 at 2:26 PM

    That is one of the most amazing parties I have ever seen! How creative!