Back To School, Time To Get Organized and Mindful

As most of you know from reading this blog, one of my gifts is being highly organized and efficient with my time, even though I am bit of a hoarder. 🙂

I get emails all the time asking me how I do it all. Seriously, I am still trying to figure out the answer to that because I don’t think I have it all figured out. Plus, I am just being me. I am not quite sure how to package and articulate what I do to accomplish so much in any given day and keep my sanity. In general, I am good at seeing the big picture, problem solving and I am just plain an extremely hard worker.

After spending a lot of time trying to figure out what exactly it is that I do to that helps me stay sane and on top of things(although I am not perfect and this summer is a prime example of that – it has taken me way longer than I expected to get back into a routine after moving across the state).

Part of what I do to stay on track and be efficient while being mindful to break my day up into specific areas. My OCD brain does this naturally because I have always wanted everything to have a specific spot and specific time frame. Turns out, this what a lot of other highly organized AND happy folks do, too.

Here is how I categorize my life:


Focused/Work Time




Down Time

Sleep Time

I try to do one thing at a time, but sometimes things overlap. Like play and exercise, or play and connection, or down time and meditation.

I keep feeling balanced by making sure I make time for all these areas. It’s nearly impossible to be perfect and do all these things all the time, but putting a name and keeping a category in my head helps me do mental checks often to see where I am out of balance and needing to spend time in any given area.

Another big thing I try to do is be present and aware about what I am actually doing. So for example, if I am cleaning out Penelope’s artwork from her school year last year as I get ready for the upcoming school year. I am moving slow and deliberately, enjoying being mindful about this organizational task and remembering all the memories of her artwork from the past year, but because I am putting my chunks of time into order and keeping things in balanced, I get more done, than if I was rushing around trying to do 5 million things at once. I know when it’s play time, so I dive into play time. I know when it’s down time, so I dive into play time. And for me, organizational tasks like cleaning out artwork, are like meditation for me, if I am being present, mindful, and paying attention to my breath as I move through the activity.

Speaking of mindful organization of your time, if you also need to get your child’s artwork under control, check out these posts about a couple of different ways I tame the beast that is Kids Artwork.

How to Display your Child’s Holiday Artwork

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This year I sent Penelope’s art work off to Plum Print again to get her work turned into a coffee table book. I loved the book that they made in year’s past and I can’t wait to see this years. I have three books so far and hope to have one made every year. 

photo (30)

Another thing I do to feel as balanced as possible is to embrace the unorganized time. This summer was such a practice in mindfulness. I literally wanted to scream all summer because I could not stand the feeling of change and transition. I wanted it to just. be. over. I kept thinking I was not working hard enough to process and change and grow and adjust, but at some point I gave in a little and realized there was nothing else I could do. It was just going to be unorganized and uncomfortable for awhile. That this time too was a part of an organized, natural flow of life and seasons. So instead of trying to wish away the transition period, I just labeled that junk and put it in the “transition box” and felt better!

Do you happen to organize the flow your day like this? Do you like to use organizational chores at meditation time too? I would love to know some of your tips and tricks too!

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