From Maiden to Mother eBook

From Maiden to Mother eBook

maiden to mother

This ebook has been a labor of love and I am pumped to share it with you!

If you are trying to conceive, pregnant or a new mom, this book is a must read!

It’s everything I know about conception, pregnancy, and postpartum. And I know a lot! I mentored hundreds of parents in childbirth classes when I was a Birthing From Within Mentor and in labor as a Certified Doula. I have also been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 12 years, specializing in pre-conception, pregnancy, and postpartum. And of course, my sweet daughter, my oh so wanted, but oh so difficult baby (now almost 4!) has taught me a thing or two as well.

It is exclusively available in the Art of Motherhood School.

maiden to mother

This ebook is just good, fast, easy-to-understand information about everything you absolutely must know as you begin your journey to motherhood. I am giving you all the juicy tidbits and lessons I have learned from working with pregnant couples for the past decade as well as my own experiences with being pregnant and a new mom.

It’s everything I have ever told friends or clients, plus some things I wish I had known before getting pregnant with my daughter and other things I will do differently if I am blessed with another baby.

I have also included advice from my team of writers at Mama and Baby Love and some from other bloggers that I love, like The Pregnant Chicken, Code Name: Mama, Mother Rising, Dou-la-la, The Homeopathic Pregnancy, Naturally Knocked Up, Mommypotamus, and more.

As usual around here, I tell it straight, no beating around the bush or sugar coating things, which of course means there are a few curse words, but it’s a funny read. You will laugh out loud, I promise.


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