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Homeopathy for Post Partum Healing

Welcome again to Piper Martin from the Homeopathic Pregnancy, who is bringing us amazing information on homeopathic remedies for post partum. For her other post on homeopathic remedies for morning sickness, click here.

Postpartum is an excellent time to use homeopathy as you feel your way into motherhood. The remedies will support the physical healing, allowing you to feel comfortable in your body, creating freedom from using medication and setting you up for a successful breastfeeding experience. This is a series of remedies to take in the week following your birth and will support with the following:

  • lighten the intensity and amount of bleeding you experience after birth
  • heal any and all bruising, tearing and cutting of your perineum
  • eliminate or reduce the need to take pain medications such as Tylenol
  • support healing from Cesarean birth, forceps birth, lingering effects of epidural, hemorrhage and shock

mother child union

Mother and child union, immediately after birth

The remedies I suggest you take the week following your birth are:

Arnica 200C – shock, bleeding and bruising

Bellis 200C – bruising to soft tissues – breasts, internal organs – especially useful with surgical births

Hypericum 200C – for healing of nerve sensitive areas such as the perineum or spinal cord

Calendula tincture – to be used in a peri bottle or taken with water

Staphysagria 200C – a specific remedy for Cesarean births – helpful in many, many ways

These remedies will not create any interference with breastfeeding, are perfectly safe for mothers and babies and will not be contraindicated with any other medications. How perfect is that!

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