Cure Tooth Decay and Healthy Teeth Giveaway, $100 value!

I heard about the book Cure Tooth Decay years ago, but it stayed deep in the middle of my list of books to read. Once I started getting a toothache for the first time in my life, I marched its butt up to the top of the pile.

I wish I had read it sooner! Not only does it have all the information you need to heal cavities and tooth decay naturally (there are other options to drilling and filling!), it also had a ton of information about grains that I had never read before. It inspired me to cut my grain intake even more than I already had and focus on sourdough breads for the small portion of grain intake I still eat.

I was so excited to interview Ramiel Nigel, the author of Cure Tooth Decay, to ask him some questions for my Dad who just last week had a crown fall off and needed to get some dental work done. He read the book, but still has some questions. So lucky to have been able to get his questions answered. Here is what he wanted to know and Ramiel’s answers:

MBL: “How long would you suggest my dad try to heal the tooth on his own before doing a root canal? Fortunately, there is no current pain. It is a stub of a tooth and he is not sure there is enough tooth left from previous work to be able to remineralize and heal itself.”

RN: It could remineralize but it is important to understand that the tooth is traumatized from the procedure so it probably needs some manual therapies like cranial sacral, or chiropractic, or osteopath. And if it can remineralize depends on your father’s health and how damaged the tooth is. So this is case by case. But improving the diet helps and the tooth still will need a crown.

MBL: “How does remineralization help existing teeth with fillings and crowns on live teeth?”

RN: Remineralization keeps your current teeth stronger and prevents cavities. Most dental fillings need to be replaced in 5-12 years. This is because the tooth continues to wear away due to the stress from the filling material and the lack of minerals. Changing your diet will keep these teeth stronger for longer. Crowns put a significant amount of stress on the tooth because it is drilled into a stump and then covered. Making your teeth stronger will help prevent crowned teeth from getting weak, or from developing new decay under the teeth.

MBL: “What can be done for teeth that have already had an root canal?”

RN: Not that much. Eating healthy can help keep the periodontal ligament which keeps the tooth in the socket strong. So with a root canaled tooth you want to make sure that the tooth doesn’t degenerate more.

MBL: “He also has horizontal grooves from brushing too hard at the gum lime. He says they have been there 40 years. Will these fill in? ”

RN: No, they won’t fill in. But the body can have more tolerance around these. These grooves can also be caused by imbalanced bite stress.

MBL: “Does age slow the healing process? My dad is in his middle sixties, but otherwise is in very good health.”

RN: Poor health slows down the healing process. In general, people get less healthy as they age. But that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t try their best to be healthy.

MBL: “Can you talk more about how cranial sacral and chiropractic care can help the traumatized tooth and about the connection between those therapies and teeth?”

RN: When teeth are drilled, they rotate, contract, and possibly the jaw and cranial bones get out of alignment. So there are various manual therapies to relieve the tension. It is really about finding a practitioner who has experience with moving teeth position and TMJ.


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The author of  Cure Tooth Decay is also giving away 5 copies of his book, a $30 value each!

To enter, subscribe to the Mama and Baby Love YouTube channel. Winner will be randomly selected (via and announced on Monday the 30th at 12p EST.

*I am an affiliate of OraWellness, I get a percent of sales from any purchases. Thank you so much for supporting a company I like and supporting my blog.*

Cure Tooth Decay and Healthy Teeth Giveaway, $100 value!

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    I have a question about the sourdough bread. I remember when you posted a pic of your healthy or updated grilled cheese a few weeks ago (or months…I forget) you made a comment about new things your’re reading about sourdough bread and that you’d probably use it next time for a grilled cheese. I think you said something like, “more on the sour dough bread thing later”.

    And then I see your comment here about sourdough bread. What are you discovering about sourdough bread that is making you focus on sourdough breads for the small portion of grain intake you still eat??? I am really excited to find out. Did I miss a post about it?

    I am trying my best to eliminate all grains but just get this “good feeling” about eating sourdough I do eat it. But I’d love to know if it really is benefiting me, or hurting me!


    • Cassandra
      July 31, 2012 at 8:02 PM

      Hi Angela – Steph is gone for a few days so hope you don’t mind me replying to answer your questions about sourdough. Real sourdough bread, the kind that is made from wild caught yeast and good quality grains not only breaks down phytic acid better than other methods (baker’s yeast among them) but also eats away at some of the starch that further causes problems in our bodies. Grains are very hard on the digestive tract, with real sourdough being one of the few ways that make them easier to digest. Most store bought sourdough has a lot of additives in it that give it sour flavor without the same beneficial aspects, so look out for that. Stephanie is planning on doing a full post with (I think) a tutorial on wild caught yeast and baking your own bread.

      • angela
        July 31, 2012 at 8:28 PM

        Awesome! Looking forward to that post. Thanks for answering. For now I’ll stick to the loaf I buy at WFM. They only list 5 ingredients so I am hoping it’s the next best thing to homemade.

  • Carol
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