Walk, don’t run, towards a healthier you

No need run or jog.
Just walk!
A recent new study in the Journal of the American Heart Association, “Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology,” found that walking briskly can actually lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes as much as (or maybe even more than!) running.

Researchers studied the heart health of 33,060 runners and 15,045 walkers over a period of six years and found that both groups resulted in similar, significant reductions in risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. What’s more, the walking group actually had slightly better results than the running group!

• Running significantly reduced the risk for first-time hypertension by 4.2 percent and walking reduced risk by 7.2 percent.
• Running reduced first-time high cholesterol 4.3 percent and walking 7 percent.
• Running reduced first-time diabetes 12.1 percent compared to 12.3 percent for walking.
• Running reduced coronary heart disease 4.5 percent compared to 9.3 percent for walking.

This is a hugely signifcant finding, because it shows that you do not have to participate in an intense, vigorous exercise (like running) to get fit and healthy. Walking’s benefits are comparable, if not actually greater than running, but without the stress on your joints!

And you can meditate. Although you can certainly be meditative while  you are running too.

Here a couple of my favorite walking meditations. For me, doing a walking meditation is so much easier than doing one sitting still.

Walking is also the perfect excercise, especially if you are wearing some type of barefoot shoe. It also balances the brain and your glandular and nervous system.

Take a walk and as you are walking press your thumb to your four other fingers as you say Sa-Ta-Na-Ma.

Thumb to your index finger is gyan mudra for knowledge.

Thumb to middle finger is shuni mudra for wisdom, intelligence and patience.

Thumb to ring finger is surya mudra for vitality.

Thumb to pinkie is bhudi mudra for the ability to communicate well.

Another type of walking meditation is to simple walk but as you are walking put your full attention to your breath. Every inhalation and exhalation. If your mind wanders thats ok, just bring it back to your breath.

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